LFGA Board Meeting – Minutes- January 21, 2020


Board Members in attendance:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, George Files, Bill Fleckenstein, Sandy Young, Alan Stinson, Alan Keefer, Nancy and Dennis Kelly, Linda and Erv LaFave, Lynne Festa

ELS Staff in attendance:  Jim Eggers, Steve Allbritton

Freda called the meeting to order at 1:04

Questions asked of and answered by Jim Eggers:

1)      We are getting a lot more weeds on the greens.

Response:  We continue to spray to prevent weeds.

2)      When they cut the greens they need to whip along the edge to mulch loose clipping

Response:  They do whip the clippings every day in different directions.         

3)      When the greens are mowed, can the equipment be driven over the sides or rear of the greens instead of right down the front aprons which has often left tire ruts in front of the greens?

Response:  This has been stopped.

4)      On hole 14 at the Men’s Tees.  The post holding the trash bin is loose.

Response:  This has been fixed.

5)      On holes 12 .   Can the pine straw be raked along the cart path at the tee box?  It is slippery in the mornings when it is wet.  We know we should use the stairs but not everyone does.

Response:  The pine straw will be raked on the cart path and the stairs.

6)      On holes 12 and 13 can the palmettos be aggressively cut back?

Response:  Jim will have these areas trimmed again.

7)      Can the roots on the Men’s Tees of hole 4 be removed?

Response:  Jim and Steve will speak to Joshua Tree about this.

8)      It appears in some areas that the mowers are dumping clippings in some areas. If they need to be dumped it should be away from the base of the greens.

Response: The mowers will be told to not do this.

9)      There is still a low hanging tree on the right side of the hole 6 fairway.

Response:  This was cut back last week.

10)   Do the sand traps ever get physically raked to level the sand upward?  Using the tractor does not get rid of stones.

Response:  This does get done. The rocks reappear as the sand washes away.  We need more sand.

11)   Many times the sand boxes on the tees are empty.

Response:  Per Steve it is mandatory that Davey keep these filled.

12)   We gave you a list of our Tournaments.  During our last tournament mowing of the fringe was being done during play.

Response: Jim will remind the mowers of these events.

13)   The greens on holes 2, 5, 9, 14 are looking bad and need special care.

Response: Plans are being made to control the dollar weed.  This will be tended to now and more forcefully in the summer.

14)   When is the projected date to start the lake wall replacement/repair on hole 17?

Response:  mid-summer

15)   It was reported that on December 28th we had another fall on the 8th green cart path. Something must be done to avoid all the falls.  We have the same problem on hole 10. Can you put anything on to make them less slippery?

Response:  Steve will look into finding a solution to this problem.

16)   In regards to the sand washing away from the trap on hole 10 and the hard packed sand in the trap on hole 13 what can be done?

Response:  The bunkers will be redone next year.

Other items/issues discussed by Steve and Jim:

1)      Steve is planning a Course Appreciation Day.  Members will be asked to volunteer to ride the course and fix/repair all divots and ball marks.  Steve will give instruction on how to properly repair divots.

2)      The LFGA, Men’s and Ladies Leagues will be reminded to fix/repair all divots.

3)      Jim was thanked for removing the rebar on holes 10 and 16.

4)      It was asked that the water in the ball washers be changed more regularly.

5)      Steve mentioned to Jim that the tees could be watered for an extra minute or 2 to make it easier to place tees in ground.

6)      Jim stressed the fact that they try to keep the course in the same shape as for they do for the Club Championship all year.

7)      Jim was asked to remind the mowers to move the ball markers to all four corners of the tee box not just back and forth or left to right.

Secretary’s Report:  reading of the report as waived due to the fact that everyone receives it via email.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of January 10, 2020 the ending balance is $9,372.31

Membership Report:  As of January 21, 2020 there are 118 men and 82 women.

Vice President’s Report:  Al Cristello reported that the New Year’s Resolution tournament went well.  The signup sheets have been posted for Club Championship.  The Volunteers for the Club Championship will also be posted soon.  It was asked to not sign up until you are sure you will be available.

Rules: Al Keefer had nothing to report

Men’s League:  Al Stinson was complimented for the great job of listing the Divisions for the Men’s League Championship

Ladies 18 Hole League:  Sandy Young spoke of having a bench installed close to the Pro Shop for safety and convenience reasons.   Sandy spoke to Jeff Belle, ELS Manager, about this issue.  Jeff asked Sandy to send 3 possible sites for the bench to him.  Pat Hutz and Shirley Beaton are on a Committee for this endeavor and have asked for a few men to join the Committee.  It was also mentioned that John Westfere could possibly make a bench for us.

Couples at Large:  Dennis & Nancy Kelly and Erv & Linda LaFave reported that all went well at the New Year’s Resolution Tournament pot luck.  The new freezer been purchased.

Pro Shop:  Jerry continues to remind members to please enter course problems in the Fix-It Book.

New Business:

Lake Fairways does not have a 9 Hole League at this time.  We will try and recruit someone to spear head the 9 Holers to reestablish their League.

Bill Fleckenstein noted that some members with Blue Handicap flags are driving too close to the green.  They should be reminded to stay behind the blue stake not in front of it.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Festa



      LFGA Board Meeting –Minutes – December 18, 2019

Board Members in attendance:  Bill Fleckenstein, Alan Keefer, Sandy Young, Lynne Festa   

ELS Staff in attendance:  Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers

Board Members absent:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, Alan Stinson, George Files

Bill called the meeting to order at 3:00

 Questions asked of and answered by Jim Eggers:

1)      Regarding the dead tree on the back of Green of Hole # 6 - A few large branches have fallen.

Response:  Steve will have these fallen branches removed.

2)      Please address the pavement removal on Hole # 6 near the green.

Response:  They had to dig deep to repair the main water head.  The cart path has been roped off until the job can be completed.

3)      Can the roots on the men’s tee box of Hole #4 be removed.

Response:  Steve and Jim will work on getting this area repaired.

4)      On Holes #5 and #10 can the protruding rebar be removed from the railroad ties?

Response:  Tad will be sawing these off. 

5)      At the last meeting Freda had asked Jim to trim the trees on the right side of the fairway of Hole # 6

Response:  These trees have been trimmed.

6)      On Hole #5 “dollar weeds” are appearing.

Response:  Steve will address this with Jim Eggers.  Al Keefer will assist by salting these weeds.

 Secretary’s Report:  The reading of the report was waived as all have received them via email.

 Treasurer’s Report:   As of December 18, 2019 the ending balance is $7,677.49.

 New Business:

 Sandy Young asked Steve if there is a USGA rule stating that we must have a Handicap Committee?  Steve answered that there is no rule   but he feels that it would be a good idea to have one.

 Steve announced that the new ELS Manager is Jeff Belle.

 Steve also spoke of how wonderful it has been to have Julie Flake as Lake Fairways Manager.  Julie will be missed.

 On behalf of Lake Fairways Golf Association –

Julie, We Wish you All the Best and Thank You for all you have done to help us maintain our Course!!!

 The meeting adjourned at 3:40.

 Lynne Festa




LFGA Board Meeting – Minutes – November 20, 2019

Board Members in attendance: Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, Sandy Young, Alan Stinson, George Files, Erv and Linda LaFave.    ELS Staff in attendance:  Jerry Jaromin, Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers

Board Members Absent:  Freda Bennett, Alan KeefeR

Alan Cristello called the meeting to order at 2:55

Questions asked of and answered by Jim Eggers:

Will you be trimming the palmettos along the cart path, especially next to the tee box of Hole # 12?

They are being trimmed along the cart path of all holes.  Thinning out of palmettos will follow after trimming is completed.

 Can you move tee markers more often to avoid wearing out of grassy areas?

Terry has been told by Jim to move them daily.  Terry moves them daily starting at the top the top of tee box and moving to the bottom.

 When mowing greens can the mowers be more careful so as not to tear up the grass?

The newer mowers have been instructed to make wider turns.

When will the hand rail at the top of Hole # 13 be repaired?

Jim is not sure how this happened.  Josh and Tad are working on getting a replacement piece.  Until it is repaired it will be roped off.

When will the dead pine trees on Hole # 18 be removed?

Per Steve, 10 dead trees will be removed December 11th.

Complaints about wet areas on the course.  Why do they continue to be watered?

They must continue to be watered until over seeding is completed.

It was noted that many of the in ground markers were buried. What is the status of locating and clearing grass around all markers?

All but 2 markers have been located and areas cleared.

It was requested last May that spraying not be done on League days.  Why was spraying done on Nov. 13th?

Jim Eggers took the blame.  He neglected to remind the person fertilizing on this day.

Can the overhanging tree on Hole # 6 in line with the 100 yard marker be cut?

This will be cut.  It is on the list to be done.

Hole # 10 tee box there is a railroad spike sticking out.  Can this be removed?

Jim and Tad tried to hammer it in.  This could not be done.  They will saw it off.

 In July there was a discussion to have Tad do cement work on the curb of Hole # 16.  When will this be done?    

This is on Tad’s list.  Steve is aware of this problem.

At the September meeting Steve stated that he was working on outside players parking too close to the pro shop.  What can be done?

Steve will have large vehicles park on the right side of the cart path in front of the blue tees.

At the October meeting we had a discussion to place more sod on Hole # 18 where the roots were removed. Has this been done?  

More sod will be put down.  If it does not take there was talk about roping off the entire fairway from the trees to the bridge.  Members would be forced to drive back to the trees and use the cart path.

It has been noticed that on some holes there is dark soil.  What is this?

It is rich soil with fertilizer.  It will make grass grow much quicker.        

Since pine straw has been placed around trees what is the ruling when your ball comes to rest in these areas?

Per Steve if this is not natural you get relief.  Relief being one club length and no nearer to the hole.

Additional Questions:

Alan Stinson noted that a mower followed them along the course for 18 holes.  Steve said that this should not happen.  Perhaps they should start on 18 and work backwards.    Alan also stated that the greens appeared to be getting smaller.  Jim Eggers disagreed.  Jim said that they are widening the collars so perhaps that is what makes them seem smaller. 

Alan Cristello asked when the men’s tee box would reopen on Hole # 15.  Jim Eggers feels that it should reopen within the next week.  Alan also complimented Jim on the condition of the greens.  They appear to be as good as the greens at Hideaway.

Alan Stinson complimented Jim Eggers and his staff for the completion of the work that was promised for the summer season.

Steve distributed handouts of 5 new rules concerning handicaps and will hand these out to the membership at the Semi-Annual meeting November 21, 2019.   Steve will have a session in the club house in the near future to explain them in detail.

Treasurer’s Report:   The ending balance as of November 20, 2019 is $7,140.39.

Secretary’s Report:  The reading was waived seeing as all have received it via email.

Pro-Shop:  Nothing to report

Ladies 18 Hole League:  All is going well.

Men’s League:  All is going well.  They have 72 members as of this date.

Couple at Large:  Everything is in place for the Semi-Annual meeting.

New Business:

The December Tournament signup sheet is in the Pro Shop.

George Files has purchased the new freezer and the shelving for the shed.

All gift cards have been purchased for the winners of the Turkey Trot and will be distributed at the Semi-Annual meeting November 21, 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00

Lynne Festa




October 16, 2019

Board Members in attendance:  Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, George Files, Al Keefer, John Westfere, Al Keefer,

Lynne Festa, Suzanne Cummings     ELS Staff in attendance:  Jerry Jaromin, Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers, Steve Bureau

 Alan Cristello called the meeting to order at 2:55

 Questions submitted prior to meeting and answered by Jim Eggers on Oct. 16th

1)     Was Rye Grass applied to 2 tee boxes that were back to origin location?  Response: Not yet

2)     Right side of Fairways on Holes #8 & #9 have trees and shrub near the fence that need trimming.

Response: This is being done now.

3)     Cart path on Hole #12 needs trimming.

Response:  This will be done soon. Work is being done hole to hole.

4)    Holes #17 and #18 had tree roots removed. Is it possible to add more sod?

Response:  Joshua Tree removed stumps and added sod.  Adding more sod will be looked at.

5)   Repairing the Retaining wall on Hole #17: Steve indicated it was next on the list.  What year?

Response:  Perhaps next Summer.  Steve will check with Julie and have an answer by November Meeting.

6)     Several downed branches throughout the course.  Who should be removing these?

Response:  Davey

7)    Dead trees on Hole #18.  What did Julie say about removing these?

Response:  Julie knows about these.  They will be removed sooner rather than later.

8)     Sprinklers on Hole #3 Tee box were watering the road. Can this be controlled?

Response:  Yes.  Occasionally the heads fall out. These will be repaired.

9)    Will temporary tees be removed by LEGA October 22nd?

Response:  Yes. Additional info from Steve Bureau:  Some tees are lagging. They will be open for the season after over seeding in November.

10)  Will in ground markers be trimmed by LEGA, Oct 22nd

Response:  Yes.  A few still need to be located.

11)   Will the slippery areas on cart path of Holes #5, #8 and #10 be bleached?

Response: Steve is working to get these areas bleached.

12)   Has the pine straw been placed  in the sand trap on the left side of Hole #10

Response:  Yes:  Additional info from Steve:  The 1st bunker on the left of Hole #10 is a waste bunker. You can ground your club

13)   Have all ball washers been painted?

Response:  This is being worked on.  They are going from hole to hole.

14)   Have wildflowers been cut back?

Response:  Yes

15)   Reminder to Davey that the course will not be sprayed on League days, Wed. and Thurs.

 Response:  Duly noted.  This will not be done.

16)   Please confirm that Jim received list of LFGA tournaments.

Response:  Yes

 Additional questions asked and answered by Jim Eggers at Oct. 16th meeting:

1)       Can the sprinklers on the back of Hole # 13 be moved away from sand trap?

Response:  They are working on this with Julie.

2)      Can the Sand Trap on the left of Hole #10 be improved?

Response:  More sand has been added.  Julie is working on a capital Improvement next year for Hole #10.

3)      Are the ruts on Hole #10 considered Ground Under Repair?

Response: Per Steve Allbritton:  No.  If you land in wet, tire rut area you do get relief.

4)       The greens seem slow. Perhaps the grass is too high?

Response:  The greens do get cut daily.

5)      Per Jim Eggers:  The tees are being sprayed they may look yellow. 

 The next task is over seeding.

6)      Alan Cristello asked if the green on Hole # 6 will be made bigger?

Response:  Not at this time.

Vice President’s Report:  Alan announced that the next Tournament is The Turkey Trot, November 11th. George Files will work with Alan to purchase gift certificates from Wal-Mart for prizes.

Secretary’s Report:  the reading was waived as all have received it via email.

Treasurer’s Report:  The ending balance as of October 16, 2019 is $6,620.02

Men’s League:  Ron Ford is retiring. Perhaps Alan Holt will be asked to replace him.  They are waiting to discuss with Alan Stinson when he returns.

Ladies 18 Hole League:  All is going well.  LEGA is at LF on October 22, 2019.

Rules:  Alan Keefer:  Nothing to report.

Pro Shop:  Jerry stated we have 2 new League Members.  The new Pro Shop hours will start in November.

 Old Business:  George Files had submitted list of prices to purchase a new freezer.  He will go forward, find the best price and purchase a freezer.

It was also stated that it must be announced to all Members that they Must Post All Scores.

 The Meeting adjourned at 3:40.

 Submitted by Lynne Festa



September 18, 2019

LFGA Board Meeting September 18, 2019

Attending:  Freda Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Al Keefer, Nancy Sweet, John Westfere and from ELS:  Steve Allbritton and Jim Eggers.  Dede Martin substituted for Lynne Festa as Secretary

Freda called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M.

Freda asked Steve and Jim if they had received the advance questions for the meeting and if they liked getting them ahead of the meeting.  Both agreed that getting the questions in advance helped them to be prepared.

The following are the answers to those questions:

 1.  There are concerns of the tee boxes on 3 and 7.  It appears that the second set of plugs are not taking.  Do we have another plan of attack?  It was indicated that Davey will be over seeding with rye probably around the 2nd week of October (ground temp should be 70 or below).  This should not impair the paspalum grass from continuing to take hold.

2.  On the 3rd fairway, the large tree or shrub to the left near the fence along the road needs to be trimmed.  Per Jim, this has been done.  It was noted that it needs trimming again on the roadside as it is sticking out again.

3.  On the 8th fairway the tree and shrubs near the fence need to be trimmed.  They are pulling down the fence.  Steve will talk to Julie about this.

4.  The cart path on 8 and 10 continue to be very slippery.  This has been discussed before about treating it properly.  Steve noted that it is also slippery on 1 and 5 as well and after a discussion it was thought that bleach might be the solution to cutting through whatever is making those areas slippery.

5.  The palmettos on 12 need to be trimmed near the cart path.  Jim indicated that they are making their way around the golf course and trimming by the cart paths where needed.

6.  It was discussed at our last ride around with Julie that she would have Joshua Tree shave the roots on 17 and 18, and then use plugs from the tee boxes.  When will this be done?  Per Steve, doing it today or tomorrow.

7.  At our May ride around it was discussed that they would have the bridges sealed sometime in July and August.  Has this been done and if not when do we expect to have it done.  Steve said it is done.

8.  On the 6th hole near the waste bunker, the garden to the left.  Who is responsible for trimming that?  If it is not Davey, then should management get in touch with the individual in the Estate section?  Per Jim, it is the Estates area to clean it up.

9.  It was discussed that Julie wanted wild flowers planted in the so-called sand trap on the left side of 10?  Will that be done?  Per Steve and Jim, the area talked about is where the electrical box is located.  They feel that pine straw should be put there and it would still be a free lift out of it. 

10.  The grass down on the right side below the sand trap on 10 had been cut back once and now it is all regrown.  At the ride around Julie stated she wanted everything gone but the Bougainvillea.  Will this be done?  Freda indicated that she saw that it was done but the cuttings were not cleaned up.  Jim said that will be done.

11.  Why has only the front nine had the ball washers painted and back is still in need of painting?  Per Steve, it will be done.

 12.  Regarding the wildflowers on 15.  It was discussed to have them cut down so you can use the far right side of the men’s tee box.  The appearance of them now looks bad.  Jim indicated that they will be cut all the way back.

13.  The discussion was to have Tad do some cement work around the course.  It was discussed that the curb on 16 would be the first one you would ask him to do.  Has he been asked?  Steve has talked with Tad and Jim indicated that there is a long list.

14.  We asked Julie at our ride around about the retaining wall on 17.  It was supposed to be done last year but the company had some problems and could not get here.  Do you know when we can expect that to be done?  Per Steve, next on list.

15.  The beautification of the flowers around the park have been neglected.  There are many places that the shrubs around the tee markers need to be trimmed and weeded.  Jim feels that they do not look bad, they have sprayed RoundUp.  It was noted that on #12, the bushes leading up to the stairs has a veiled weed all over it.  Jim said they will take care of that.  Also, on #6, the flowering bush by the marker is extending almost across the path.  Jim will look at it.

16.  We talked about the sand traps that need to be redone and understand we are waiting for the money.  Do we have any idea of just when we could hopefully get them started, so we have an answer when the people come back and asked why nothing has been done?  Steve indicated this will have to be a “next summer” project.

17.  Some greens appear to be very bumpy in the areas that the weeds have been killed.  They don’t seem to be filling in.  Over seeding with rye. Why wouldn’t that hinder the spreading the paspalum?  Jim indicated that rye does not compete with paspalum.

Freda asked if there were other questions for Steve and Jim.

It was noted by Steve that the railroad tie on #17 to be replaced is next on list.

Why does the putting green look so bad.  Al Keefer indicated that that was the last one he salted.

What about the weeds on the tees?  Jim indicated that sometime Dec-Jan they will be fertilized and pre-emerged.

Sprinklers on #18 don’t seem to be working correctly.  Jim is aware of the problem…working on it.

Asked if the steps on #13 could be blown off as it is very slippery with the pine needles on them.  Steve indicated that they could do this.

Yardage markers in ground need to be dug out.  Can hardly find them.  Can be done.

Freda indicated that during the summer some of the water coolers were not replaced by new ones until almost 11:00 A.M. when most of the golfers were done.  Need to have those earlier.  Steve agreed.

It was asked why Davey employees cannot pick up branches etc. as they are going around the golf course to do their jobs.  Jim indicated that they need to stay on task otherwise everything else won’t get done.

Steve indicated that the cart paths are being blown off Mon/Wed/Fri.  Freda said that she watched the person doing this and he had to make 3 swipes.  Can’t they make the blower blow from one side totally?  Jim said yes that can be done.

Bill wants the greens to be blown off before cart paths.  Steve will try to have #2 and #13 looked at occasionally.  Jim said he can have that done.  Should be better soon as the seasons turn.

Al wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the paspalum will grow in, it just takes time.  Steve said he will rely on Al to let him know if there are any problems on the greens that need to be taken care so they can stay ahead of the game.

It was asked that Steve and/or Jim take a ride on the cart paths all the way around.  There are some canopies and vines that are now hanging down and touching the carts’ roofs.  They will take a look and trim where necessary.

Steve will talk to Julie about the dead trees on #18

Bill said that on #12, the grass is very spotty.  Jim said he is going to do something about it.

It was noted to Jim that on Ladies Day, on the water holes, the ball tee markers can only be 3 paces in back of the inground markers.  He made a note of that.

Freda thanked Jim for his report.

Freda indicated that she would not be reading the secretary’s report from the last meeting as everyone received copies of it already.

Freda asked Steve about the golf balls that LFGA purchases for tournaments.  She indicated that for 2 boxes from the pro shop, they paid $54.53.  She saw them at Walmart for $17.88.  Could he respond.  Steve indicated that he will need to talk to the golf ball rep that he deals with.  He said he practically giving them to LFGA as his cost.

Freda announced that we have 7 new members currently.

Tournament report – nothing to report.

 Greens-Al indicated nothing to report.

Nancy Sweet for the 18 Hole Ladies League.  Said we have started the league and everything going well.

Freda indicated that Roni will no longer be President of the 9 Hole League.  They will have someone new once everyone gets back.

John Westfere said nothing to report from the Men’s 18 Hole League.

 Director of Golf – Steve indicated that the playing season is right around the corner.  He said that one of the problems that he is working on is the outside players who park too near the Pro Shop are causing problems and he is going to somehow make them park either in the Community Center parking lot or at least down at the very end toward the boulevard.  Bill indicated that they had talked with ELS about enlarging the areas of the parking spots by paving further forward but they can’t do that.  Steve said probably signage will help to where they should park and also to make sure they put up tailgates on their trucks.

Bill wanted dress code addressed.  No jeans, tank tops and especially taking caps off inside of buildings.  Al suggested posting the dress code.

John said as he rangers, perhaps we could relax the rule of no carts on #1, 2, 5 and 7 to be able to cross them in certain areas.  Wetness is a concern so need more thought on that.

Freda asked Steve about the length of a “gimmie”.  Should be the grip of the putter.

Nancy indicated that at each of the Wednesday league day, she will try to put forth a rule.  Such as this past Wednesday, she explained about “Lift, Clean, Place” that you cannot “twist” grass to make a tee when replacing your ball.

John asked about the shelving for the new LFGA shed.  It was explained that Dennis Kelly wants to be involved because height issues.  Probably need adjustable shelving.

John said he is going to renovate the sand box by the Pro Shop.  Board commended John on everything he has done for the golfers.

When George Files gets back, he will be purchasing a new freezer.  This will replace the very old one that is in the pole barn.

Freda indicated that the LaFaves will be helping the Kellys as Man and Woman at Large this year and the following year it will be the LaFaves and the Asaros.

Steve was asked when regular hours would begin for the Pro Shop.  He said probably Mid October

Freda asked if there was any old business.  Just small things like the fresh water on course each days and the markers in the ground being regularly maintained.

Freda asked if there was any new business.  No, just the maintenance issues.

Next meeting October 16th, 3pm in the clubhouse.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 P.M.

Submitted by Dede Martin (acting Secretary for Lynne Festa)



MAY 8, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM.

Board members in attendance: Freda Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, John Westfere, Al Keefer, Nancy Sweet

ELS Employees: Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers

This meeting was established to talk about the Ride a Round that was done earlier today and any additional questions that needed addressed.

Freda Bennett opened the meeting saying that the Ride a Round was well done and very appreciated. Julie told Freda that her notes that were taken during the Ride A Round would be sent to her later.

 Freda asked Jim Eggers if the spraying on the course could be done on other days except Wednesday and Thursday. Jim indicated he would try to make that happen weather permitting.

Freda also asked what the plans are for the summer months. Jim indicated that there will be Syringing, Aerification, Tees, Sand Bunkers and general weed killing. Tees and Sand Bunkers depends on the Funds from ELS. Tee money first.

Next Thursday the back 9 will be closed. Jim also indicated that the goal is to be weed free.

Jim says he has 12 employees including himself. Looking to hire 2 more for the summer.

Bill Fleckenstein asked, when are the Tee Ball markers moved. Everyday was the answer.

 It was noted that they were spraying the Tees on Monday during our tournament. Jim indicated that he wasn’t aware of our tournament. Steve Allbritton said he will make sure Jim is aware of our play from now on.

There was talk about a new tee box on Hole 16. This is Steve’s wish list.

John Westfere ask why, is cart path only, for holes 1, 2, 5, & 7. People with Blue Flags (handicap) are not complying. Steve said he will have a lesson for those people about how they should drive on the course.

Holes 16 & 18 have a very bad root problem just off the edge of the cart path. There was talk about having Joshua Tree grind these out and leveled off with dirt.

Jim Eggers was asked about his commitment to maintaining the Beautification project. That is his goal.

Steve Bureau indicated he would attend our October meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 PM

Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein