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LFGA General Meeting has been changed to

Thursday, November 21, 2019

6 p.m.

Clubhouse Main Hall.





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Board Members in attendance:  Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, George Files, Al Keefer, John Westfere, Al Keefer, Lynne Festa, Suzanne Cummings     ELS Staff in attendance:  Jerry Jaromin, Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers, Steve Bureau

 Alan Cristello called the meeting to order at 2:55

 Questions submitted prior to meeting and answered by Jim Eggers on Oct. 16th

1)     Was Rye Grass applied to 2 tee boxes that were back to origin location? 

Response: Not yet

2)     Right side of Fairways on Holes #8 & #9 have trees and shrub near the fence that need trimming.

Response: This is being done now.

3)     Cart path on Hole #12 needs trimming.

Response:  This will be done soon. Work is being done hole to hole.

4)    Holes #17 and #18 had tree roots removed. Is it possible to add more sod?

Response:  Joshua Tree removed stumps and added sod.  Adding more sod will be looked at.

5)   Repairing the Retaining wall on Hole #17: Steve indicated it was next on the list.  What year?

Response:  Perhaps next Summer.  Steve will check with Julie and have an answer by November Meeting.

6)     Several downed branches throughout the course.  Who should be removing these?

Response:  Davey

7)    Dead trees on Hole #18.  What did Julie say about removing these?

Response:  Julie knows about these.  They will be removed sooner rather than later.

8)     Sprinklers on Hole #3 Tee box were watering the road. Can this be controlled?

Response:  Yes.  Occasionally the heads fall out. These will be repaired.

9)    Will temporary tees be removed by LEGA October 22nd?

Response:  Yes. Additional info from Steve Bureau:  Some tees are lagging. They will be open for the season after over seeding in November.

10)  Will in ground markers be trimmed by LEGA, Oct 22nd

Response:  Yes.  A few still need to be located.

11)   Will the slippery areas on cart path of Holes #5, #8 and #10 be bleached?

Response: Steve is working to get these areas bleached.

12)   Has the pine straw been placed  in the sand trap on the left side of Hole #10

Response:  Yes:  Additional info from Steve:  The 1st bunker on the left of Hole #10 is a waste bunker. You can ground your club

13)   Have all ball washers been painted?

Response:  This is being worked on.  They are going from hole to hole.

14)   Have wildflowers been cut back?

Response:  Yes

15)   Reminder to Davey that the course will not be sprayed on League days, Wed. and Thurs.

 Response:  Duly noted.  This will not be done.

16)   Please confirm that Jim received list of LFGA tournaments.

Response:  Yes

 Additional questions asked and answered by Jim Eggers at Oct. 16th meeting:

1)       Can the sprinklers on the back of Hole # 13 be moved away from sand trap?

Response:  They are working on this with Julie.

2)      Can the Sand Trap on the left of Hole #10 be improved?

Response:  More sand has been added.  Julie is working on a capital Improvement next year for Hole #10.

3)      Are the ruts on Hole #10 considered Ground Under Repair?

Response: Per Steve Allbritton:  No.  If you land in wet, tire rut area you do get relief.

4)       The greens seem slow. Perhaps the grass is too high?

Response:  The greens do get cut daily.

5)      Per Jim Eggers:  The tees are being sprayed they may look yellow. 

 The next task is over seeding.

6)      Alan Cristello asked if the green on Hole # 6 will be made bigger?

Response:  Not at this time.


Vice Presidentís Report:  Alan announced that the next Tournament is The Turkey Trot, November 11th. George Files will work with Alan to purchase gift certificates from Wal-Mart for prizes.

Secretaryís Report:  the reading was waived as all have received it via email.

Treasurerís Report:  The ending balance as of October 16, 2019 is $6,620.02

Menís League:  Ron Ford is retiring. Perhaps Alan Holt will be asked to replace him.  They are waiting to discuss with Alan Stinson when he returns.

Ladies 18 Hole League:  All is going well.  LEGA is at LF on October 22, 2019.

Rules:  Alan Keefer:  Nothing to report.

Pro Shop:  Jerry stated we have 2 new League Members.  The new Pro Shop hours will start in November.

 Old Business:  George Files had submitted list of prices to purchase a new freezer.  He will go forward, find the best price and purchase a freezer.

It was also stated that it must be announced to all Members that they Must Post All Scores.

 The Meeting adjourned at 3:40.

 Submitted by Lynne Festa










Good Morning All, well we are coming to the end of another great season and looking forward to our summer season. Just a few things to note we have started with the burn out of the tees we will be leveling and re-sprigging, this process will take a few weeks as we need to apply several applications to thoroughly kill the current grass and any weeds. Once this process is finished we will then be on several temporary tees until the new tees have grown in. We cant predict a exact time due to the weather but we are planning on a swift and successful turn around. 

Any questions or concerns please let me know. This is an exciting time  for us and look forward to the continuing progress of our golf courses. 




Director of Golf

Pine Lakes/Lake Fairways

  10200 Pine Lakes Blvd.

  N. Ft Myers, FL 33903

  Office 239-731-5822

  Cell 239-440-0620














1. For those players starting play in September, you must have posted a minimum, of 10 scores by February 1st.


2. For those players starting in January. you must have posted 5 scores by February 1st.


3. If you have any questions. please check your score entries at the pro shop.





Ladies 18 Hole Golf League Annual

Hole in One and Putting Contest

 February 23rd, 2020

11 a.m.




Ladies 18 Hole League Brown Bag Meeting

 November 6, 2019

Board Members in Attendance:  Nancy Sweet, Maryellen McCabe, Karen Pierce, Suzanne Cummings, Lynne Festa

Board Members Absent:  Sandy Young, Diane Dodson    

Nancy called the meeting to order at 11:45.  There were 22 members in attendance.

Secretaryís Report:  The report was waived and accepted.  Everyone had received the minutes via email.

Treasurerís Report:  Karen Pierce reported that as of October 29, 2019 the ending balance was $2,450.85.  The report was approved and accepted.

Handicap Report:  Maryellen stated that as of November 1, 2018 we had 33 members.  As of November 1, 2019 we had 28 members.

Christmas Luncheon:  Nancy Sweet reported that the luncheon will be held December 4, 2019.  Cost is $15.00 and must be paid no later than November 29, 2019.  Jasonís Deli will provide the food.

Report from LFGA:  Freda stated that Davey had worked all summer to get the course in shape for the season.  Steve Allbritton asked that if anyone sees a problem on the course to please enter it into the fix-it book. Jim Eggers looks at the book daily.  The sand traps that were supposed to be repaired over the summer have not been done.  In reference to when the repair of the retaining wall on Hole # 17 will take place, the time will be answered at the next Association meeting.    Freda also informed us that Jim Eggers is sent a list of questions about the condition of the course before each Association Meeting.  This seems to be working well as Jim can come to the meeting prepared with the answers.


Old Business:  The winners of the September and October shoot outs were announced.

Winners for September were:

Judy Chase 1st

Dede Martin 2nd

Karen Pierce 3rd

Winners for October were:

Maryellen McCabe 1st

Nancy Finora 2nd

Linda Gromacki 3rd



Summer Addresses:  All members who go North for the Summer were asked to supply their summer addresses.

LEGA:  Maryellen reported for Dede Martin.  Dede sent out an email to the membership and wanted to make sure that you all knew that when you go to a LEGA event, it is up to you to post your score from that club and make sure you post it as a ďtournament scoreĒ.  This is important so that all your gross scores count as they should toward your handicap.  When you post your own scores, including LEGA Tournaments, if you exceed your maximum, you must adjust your score before posting it.

Discussion of changes to handbook:  on page 2- arrival time to play.  Membership was asked to please arrive early enough so that all teams are present and can get carts set.  If you are not playing and you have signed up please let the Pro Shop know so that teams can be put in place and they do not have to make a last minute call to see if you are or are not playing.

Handicap Issues:  Maryellen asked that we remember to POST ALL OUR SCORES.


Reminder about Rules for Entering the Club Championship:

   1)     For those players starting play in September, you must have posted a minimum of 10 scores by February 1st.

   2)     For those players starting play in January, you must have posted 5 scores by February 1st.

3)   You are also able to post a 9 hole score.  Two 9 hole scores will be combined.  Just make sure you are playing with another golfer.  If the round was played alone it needs to be marked as such and it is  not used in your handicap.

Freda asked about the new Local Rule that Steve initiated about players not being forced to hit over all the water holes.  If you feel that you cannot make it over, you can take a stroke and carry your ball to the drop zone.   Freda stated that as of this date this has not been brought to LFGA.

A discussion ensued about the fact that this new Local Rule will have to be discussed and voted on to amend our handbook.

Freda also mentioned that the LFGA General Meeting will be held on November 21, 2109 at 6:00 p.m. and all meetings are posted on Lake Fairways Homeowners website.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00.

Lynne Festa,






Members may post all your scores, both home and away from your own computer.

To Post your Score:

  If the link doesn't work on your computer: copy & paste this link to your browser.) 

         Enter your user name:  LAKEF + Your golf number

         Enter the Password: which is your last name in all caps

         Hit enter and follow the prompts, be sure to update your profile, especially your E-Mail Address. 

         The Pro Shop will soon be able to send you messages to your E-Mail

         Itís really easy




Women 18 Hole Golf League

October Shootout Winners


1st Maryellen McCabe

2nd Nancy Finora

3rd Linda Gromacki






















































December 2nd      Christmas Tournament
January 6th           New Year's Tournament
January 7th           New Year's Tournament
January 12th         New Year's Tournament - Potluck & Awards
February 3rd          Valentine's Day Tournament
March 7th              First Round Club Championship
March 8th             Final Round Club Championship
March 13th            Interclub Tournament @ Lake Fairways
March 14th           Interclub Tournament @ Pine Lakes
April 6th               April Fools Tournament
May 4th                May Tournament
June 1st               Flag Day Tournament
July 6th               Firecracker Tournament
August 3rd            Dog Day Tournament













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