LFGA will have their awards program at our Fall General meeting.

 This will give our Champs and Runner-ups the recognition they deserve.




Missing from picture: Tom and Juanita Ridenour, Dave Fagan and Jim Divet


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LFGA Board Meeting – Minutes – February 19, 2020



Board Members in attendance:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, Sandy Young, Al Keefer, George Files, Erv and Linda LaFave, Lynne Festa

Board Members absent:  Alan Stinson

ELS Staff in attendance: Steve Allbritton, Jim Eggers

Freda called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


Questions asked of and answered by Jim Eggers:

1)     On the right side of Hole #6 there is a large hole that runs down the hillside that needs to be filled in and packed down. It is very dangerous when you have to hit from that area.

Response:  Jim will have it backfilled.

Also on Hole #6 on the right side of the Fairway, where palmettos have been removed, there is a big hole that balls can roll into. Perhaps mark with white paint as Ground Under Repair.

Response:  Steve will do this.

2)      The dollar weeds on Holes # 2, 5, 9, & 14 are still not being treated.

Response: These are not dollar weeds. They are signal weeds. They do not affect playability but when treated they are ugly which will not enhance the beauty of our course.  These will be treated after playing season.

3)      The large sand box by the Activity Board is just about empty.

Response:  It has been filled.

4)      It has previously been reported that the roots at the Men’s tee box and cart path on Hole #4 need to be removed.  Any update on who and when they will be removed?

Response:  Steve responded that Joshua Tree will remove them early to mid-May.

5)      More attention needs to be addressed with the Tee Boxes.  Several are very dry and bumpy. No level areas to stand on.  With all the extra play it will only get worse.

Response: Most are in good shape.  Jim asked which ones need more attention.  The response from Board Members was that the grass on Hole # 14 is especially high.  Jim said that the mowers were asked to try not to mow on League days.  Jim will advise them to mow earlier rather in the week.

6)      The bunkers need working up. The sand is so packed that you can’t get the club under the ball. It had been stated that these get done regularly but it does not appear they are being done.  This is especially noted on Holes #7 & 16.

Response:  The sand trap machines do have a rake that drops down to fluff the sand. Jim will stress that this be done with his crew. 

7)      More attention needs to be made to the ball markers on the Tee Boxes. The markers are not placed in line with the green.

Response:  Terry had been out for 2 weeks and perhaps this is why recently they are not lined up properly.

A discussion was raised with Steve and Jim about rakes being left out of the traps.  Steve will work on getting stickers to request that rakes be placed in the traps.  The Men’s and Ladies Leagues will stress to their Members to please replace rakes into the bunkers after use.

It was asked if the Drop Zones could be outlined to define Drop Areas.  Steve agreed and Jim will have Terry do this on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Secretary’s Report:  the reading was waived due to the fact that everyone receives it via email.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bill reported that as of February 18, 2020 the ending balance is $13,209.32.

Membership Report: We have 200 paid members.

Vice President’s Report:  Alan updated us on the Club Championship and Inter Club Tournaments:

1)      The spotters will follow the players and spot on every hole.  This will require less volunteers needed and also give the spotters a chance to see some golf being played. All agreed that this a better way to proceed.

2)      George has all the banner’s placed.

3)      Two D flight ladies, who did not win their matches will be asked to play with the Pine Lakes 9 Holers for the Inter Club.

4)      The practice rounds at Pine Lakes will be on Tuesday, March 10th.

5)      The Trophy’s will be the same as last years.

6)      The Parking Spot sign should be $50.00, the same as we paid last year.  The winner’s names will be supplied to the artist the end of the day of the finals and should be ready the following day.

7)      The Volunteer’s meeting will be March 2nd at 2:00 p.m.

8)      The Player’s meeting will be March 4th at 2:00 p.m.

9)      Sandra Warner will be our announcer.

Rules:  Alan Keefer will type up and hand out new rules for the Championship meeting.  

The following will be reiterated.

a)       Players will be asked to avoid the roots along the fairway next to the cart path on Hole # 18 before the bridge.

b)      “Ground Under Repair” will be painted on Hole #6.

c)       If your ball lands in the pine straw you do not have a free lift.  However, if pine straw has been enhanced you do a have free lift.


Ladies 18 Hole League:  Sandy reported that all is running smoothly.

Ladies 9 Hole League:  There are now 5 Ladies playing.  We look forward to them having a League next season.

Men’s League:  Nothing to report

Forward Men’s Tee League:  All is running smoothly.

Couple at Large:  The LaFave’s reported that they will be meeting with Sue this coming Sunday to order food for the Championship. 

They will not use the larger containers of condiments.  The pumps do not always work properly.  Putting out bowls of condiments is not sanitary.  Therefore they will be using squeeze bottles.

The Cocktail party will be at Lake Fairways March 12th at 3:00 p.m.  The menu will be Wal-Mart sandwiches, grapes, cheese, chips, mini eclairs, beer, wine, soda and water.

Freda suggested that pitchers not be used to serve beer this year.  The LaFave’s agreed.

Pro Shop:  Steve said this is peak season and extremely busy.  All is going well in the Pro Shop.

A special Thank You was given to Maryellen McCabe to recognize all the work she has done to help LFGA get on track with the new Handicap System.  Maryellen spent many hours working with Jerry and Steve to work out software bugs to ease us into this transition during our busiest season of the year.

New Business:

George spoke about LFGA getting involved in donating to memorials for deceased Members of Lake Fairways Community.  If we start to do this does it set a precedent whenever anyone passes away? After much discussion a motion was made that as of February 19, 2020 the LFGA agreed as a Board not to make a Memorial donation for any individual.

Joanne Rose approached Freda about LFGA getting involved with taking a section of the Boulevard next season and decorate with Christmas lights.   This discussion was tabled until next season.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Festa






LFGA Semi-Annual General Meeting 

November 22, 2019

Board Members in attendance:  Freda Bennett, Alan Cristello, Bill Fleckenstein, George Files, Lynne Festa

ELS Staff in attendance:  Steve Allbritton, Jerry Jaromin

Freda called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Freda led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Steve Allbritton spoke on behalf of Jim Eggers, Davey, on the condition of our golf course.

Jim and Steve feel that the course is in good shape and will to continue to move forward on improving all aspects.

Sand was replaced in some of the sand traps this past summer and will be machine spun.  Full repair of sand traps on Holes # 10 and 18 will be done next summer.

Over seeding will be completed within the next 10 days.  Watering will be have to done for 7-8 days following the completion of the over seeding causing wet areas.  Until watering is completed you may lift, clean and place on Fairways Only.

There will be no chemical spraying during  league play. 

Please continue to repair your divets.

The tee box markers will be moved daily.

The palmettos will be trimmed back along the cart paths.

The men’s tees on Hole # 15 will be moved back to their original position within the next week.

Steve then spoke of the following:

LF is losing Julie Flake.  Julie has accepted another position with ELS.  We are losing a strong catalyst in getting work done on the course.

Steve thanked Jerry Jaromin for all he does for us.  Jerry got a standing ovation.

Steve thanked the Board for all their efforts.

Steve briefly mentioned the 5 new rules being put in place by the USGA.  Steve will have a Q & A session in December.  Date and time to be announced.

President’s Report:

Freda reminded us that there is a Fix-it book in the Pro Shop. If you see something out of order on the course please enter it into the book.   It is reviewed daily by Jim Eggers.

Freda commended Betty Dunmead for the great selection of merchandise in the Pro Shop.

Freda thanked George Files for purchasing the freezer, Dennis and Nancy Kelly and John Westfere were also thanked for their work in getting the new League shed in order.

Secretary’s Report:  Reading of the report was waived. It was posted on the Lake Fairways web page and on the LFGA Community board.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of November 20, 2019 the ending balance is $7,140. 39.  It was approved and accepted.

Membership Report:  As of this date we have 113 paid members.  We will have approximately 125 more members when the November and December dues are paid.

Nine Hole League:  As of this date we do not have a Nine Hole League.  If anyone is interested in being President they were asked to come forward.

Ladies 18 Hole League:  Sandy Young stated that all is going well.  Sandy congratulated the winners of the Ladies November shoot out.

1st place:  Barbara Flournoy

2nd place:  Sandi Keefer

3rd place: Rose Ann Chadwick

Annie Souza announced that, again this season, the Ladies 18 Hole League will be sponsoring the Rally for the Cause on February 23, 2020.  The specific charity has not yet been announced.

Men’s League:  Alan Stinson reported that all is going well.

Pro Shop:  Jerry had nothing new to report.

New Business:

Freda reported that Jim Eggers receives a copy of all questions regarding the course conditions prior to the Board meetings.  This helps is Jim to be aware of our concerns and can respond accordingly.

Membership was asked for a volunteer to compile next year’s LFGA booklet.

George Files and Alan Cristello announced the winners of the Turkey Trot Tournament.  The 5 players from the top 9 teams each received a $10.00 gift card.  The 5 players from the 17th place team each received a  $5.00 gift card.

Pat Hutz reported that we have 34 Volunteers who continue to work on the Tee Box Beautification project.

Rose Ann Chadwick raised a question about not having to hit over the water holes.  It was stated that this is a new Local Rule.  Sandy Young will investigate the Ladies 18 Hole League handbook to see if this complies with their rules.  Lucy Jaromin stated that Steve initiated the new Local Rule for the entire League. Steve will be asked if this rule is in effect for Tournaments, Championship and Shoot Outs.

Alan Cristello reported that the Christmas Tournament will be held on December 2, 2019.  The format will include teams of twosomes.  All tee times will be in the morning.  Deadline for sign up is November 29, 2019.  You can decorate your cart for this tournament and prizes will be awarded.

The January New Year’s Resolution Tournament will be held January 6th and 7th.  There will be morning and afternoon sessions.  The pot luck for this tournament will be held Sunday, January 12th.

Cindy Asaro and Ann Stobe will be manning the Starters Table for the Club Championship for the last time this year.  Volunteers are being sought to accompany Cindy and Ann to get familiar with the process.

Dede Martin asked if any Board positions will be open at the end of this season.  All Board members will be returning next year.

Freda thanked Erv and Linda LaFave, Couple at Large, and Cindy and Vince Asaro for their help tonight.

Ann and Rich Boutette were also thanked for helping with the 50/50.

Freda asked for continued prayers for our Members with health issues.

50/50:  there were 7 winners at $20.00 each.

The meeting adjourned at 6:35.

Lynne Festa




September 7th - Monday Labor Day Tournament
October 12th  - Monday Columbus Day Tournament
November 9th -  Monday Turkey Trot Tournament
December 7th - Monday Christmas Tournament
January 4th - Monday New Year's Eve Tournament
January 5th - Tuesday New Year's Tournament
January 10th - Sunday Potluck Dinner & Awards - Clubhouse Main Hall
February 1st - Monday Valentine Day Tournament
March 1st - Monday Volunteer Meeting 2:00 - Clubhouse Main Hall
March 3rd -  Wednesday Players Meeting 2:00 - Clubhouse Main Hall
March 6th - Saturday Club Championship
March 7th - Sunday Club Championship
March 11th - Thursday Inter Club Cocktail Party, 3:00 pm  - Pine Lakes
March 12th - Friday Interclub Tournament - Pine Lakes
March 13th - Saturday Interclub Tournament - Lake Fairways
April 5th - Monday April Fools Tournament
May 3rd - Monday May Day Tournament
June 7th - Monday Flag Day Tournament
July 5th - Monday Firecracker Tournament
August 2nd - Monday Dog DAy Tournament












Attention all golfers.

Message from Jerry


There is no more official league play on Wednesdays and Thursdays, until further notice.


If you want to play, call the pro shop for tee times.




Attention All Golfers

Message from Steve

The rakes in the Sandtraps will be removed by Davey's.

We are asking golfers to just foot rake the bunkers. Davey’s will be raking the bunkers.

I do not want golfers to remove the flags. 

I am advising everyone to remove their own balls from the cups.

Please call the pro shop to schedule tee times.

We need to limit the interaction with the pro shop staff.

Thank you







Ladies 18 Hole Golf League Annual

Hole in One and Putting Contest

 Winner of a One Year Golf Membership.



Erv Lafave and Director of Golf Steve Allbritton


Ladies 18 Hole League Brown Bag Meeting –

March 4, 2020


Board Members in Attendance:  Sandy Young, Nancy Sweet, Karen Pierce,  Maryellen McCabe, Diane Dodson, Lynne Festa

Board Member Absent:  Suzanne Cummings

Sandy called the meeting to order at 11:48

Secretary’s Report:  The reading of the minutes was waived as everyone had received them via email and are posted on the 18 Ladies League bulletin board.  Motion to waive the reading was made by Juanita Ridenour, seconded by Pat Hutz.

Treasurer’s Report:  The ending balance as of March 4, 2020 is $2,734.81. Motion to accept was made by Lu McEwen, seconded by Ann Stobe.

Handicap Chair:  Sandy thanked Maryellen for all the time and effort she has given to getting the new handicap system running smoothly.

It was reported that we have 70 paid members. 

There were no updates on the new handicap system.

A change of Articles for next season concerning Most Improved Player Award was put to a vote. The highlighted section of the following Article represents the change.


Section 6: The Handicap Chairwoman shall post current indexes and flight designations two times each month, and select, assisted by the USGA Guidelines, the Year’s “Most Improved Golfer” from eligible members.  A member is not eligible for the award until her second year of League play.  The candidate must have a minimum of 10 scores posted each season to be considered for the award.

The motion was made to change Article VIII: - Section 6 by Rose Ann Chadwick and seconded by Nancy Kelly.  Membership voted unanimously to accept the change.

 Old Business:

LFGA Meeting Summary. The reading of highlights of February 19, 2020 LFGA minutes were waived.  These minutes are posted on the Lake Fairways HOA internet page monthly and also posted on the community bulletin board. 

 Rally for the Cause:

Sandy thanked Annie Souza and all the volunteers for the great job that was done.

Annie thank all who volunteered and reported the final figures from the event:

$816.00 – Silent Auction

$1,315.00 – Chinese Auction

$1,410.00 – Hole-in-One and Putting Contests

$785.00 – Flat Screen TV

$245.00 – Shredding Truck

$916.00 – Sale of food

$665.00 – Private donations

Total: - $6,052.00

After expenses $5,741.00 was donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Annie also reported that 95 people took part in the putting contest and 87 people in the hole-in-one.

A tarp, borrowed from the Entertainment Committee, was damaged during the Rally.  The cost to replace the tarp will be more than $100.00 thus requiring a vote by Membership to accept the amount to be paid.  Louise Files made a motion that the League pay the replacement cost, Sam Potts seconded the motion.  It was voted unanimously by Membership to accept the motion.

 New Business/Upcoming Events:

Club Championship:  Sandy thanked Ruth-ann and Val for Chairing the Championship.

Val emphasized the following for Club Championship.

1)      You must sign yourself up to play.  If you are not available to sign up but you are eligible to play you can contact a committee member to ask to be signed up.

2)      The sign-up sheets are posted from January 15th thru January 31st to allow members to complete their required games played.  The January 31st index will be used to determine assignment in flights.

3)      Riding with your opponent is optional once match play starts.

4)      Birdies or Eagles will not be counted on match play days.

5)      Having or not having followers during match play was discussed.  This was tabled until next season on a day when we have a quorum to vote on it.

6)      Rain dates for match play will be designated by the Pro Shop.  The matches must be completed within 3 days of rain out date.


A Member asked why we could not start play offs earlier in February.  It was noted that if we did that there would not an available date for a shoot-out in February.

 Vice President’s Report: 

Nancy Sweet announced the candidates for the following open Board Positions for 2010 – 2021 season:

Vice President – Lu McEwen

Games Chair – Dede Martin

Nancy asked 3 times for any other nominations from the floor.  There were no other nominees. 

 Member Guest:

Membership was asked for a Chair for Member Guest.  If no one volunteers we will not have a Member Guest tournament next season.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 12:10.  Motion was accepted by Mary Jane Gagnier, seconded by Marcia Stinson.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Lynne Festa






Ladies 18 Hole League

The change in the Handicap system in January made it impossible to figure out the Most Improved for the full Season. The Board decided to give 2 trophies, one using the old handicap system and the other the new system.

Our winners were Sandi Keefer, using the older system and Cathy Burns, using the new handicap system. 


Congratulations to both Ladies. Well done.

Attached and copied are the executive members and the Committee Chairs for the 2020 - 2021 Golf Season.


President                        Nancy Sweet

Vice-President                Lu McEwen

Secretary                         Lynne Festa

Treasurer                         Karen Pierce

Weekly Games                Dede Martin

Handicap Chair              Maryellen McCabe

Past President                 Sandy Young


Birdies & Eagles – Sandie Gordon

Ringers – Nancy Kelly

Blind Bogey – Judy Chase

Hole in One League Play – Karen Pierce

50/50 – Linda Olson, Val McIntosh

Shoot Outs – Juanita Ridenour, Val McIntosh, Ann Stobe, Linda Olson, Cindy Asaro

Summer Play – Carol Fenech

Fall Tournament – Penny Farr

Christmas Luncheon – Lu McEwen

Rally for the Cause – Annie Souza

Club Championship –Ruth-ann Nothof, Val McIntosh

Member/Guest – Carole Andrews, Gloria Craven

Awards Banquet – Suzanne Wagner, Gaye Goguen

Friendship – Sandy Graham

Informer – Michelle Gregg

Molly Maid – Barbara Flournoy, Lucy Jaromin

LEGA – Dede Martin, Penny Farr

Thanks for a fun season! Stay safe and see you all in the Fall.











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