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Jeffrey C. Belle CAM

General Manager

Pine Lake/ Lake Fairways

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Posted June 12, 2020


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Posted 4/16/2020


APRIL 6, 2020

Good afternoon Residents,
I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some updates and some of the action items we have been working on during this time of uncertainty. I would like to first thank you all for your continued support in making sure our residents and staff remain safe. I do understand things may be difficult, but I can assure you that the current protocol we have put in place will continue to keep us safe during this pandemic.
Here are some of the current items we have addressed during this time that you may not have known.

Laundry Machines
Laundry Machines have now been installed for both communities and should be ready for use by tomorrow or as late as this afternoon. Thank you all for your patience.
Partition Walls
Partition walls are being finalized and the work should begin within the next two weeks. We had a minor delay due to management focusing our efforts on making sure we put the proper protocol in place during this pandemic.

Amenities (clubhouse, Pools, etc.)
I do understand this one is extremely hard; however, I want to reassure you that once we are able to reopen the pools and clubhouse we will do so. An evaluation will be made at the end of the month. The golf course will remain open to the residents of the communities only, there is no outside play at this time. For the amenities such as Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce, etc.… please remember to continue practicing social distancing as you have been. I appreciate all of you who adhere to our requests currently.

April Rent
Late fees or notices will not be sent for anyone for the month of April, if you have extenuating circumstances related to the pandemic that have put you at a hardship, please contact me directly and we will review issues on a case by case basis. If you do not have any issues, please make sure to either drop off your rent payment outside the sales office or by mail, we will not be accepting direct payments from anyone.

Clubhouse cameras and Security
Lake Fairways: We are finalizing the proposals for adding and upgraded cameras for the clubhouse, and pool areas in addition to adding some upgraded sound equipment. More details to follow once we get near the actual date of installation. We are currently about three to four weeks out before approval and installation.

Poker tables, Chairs, and pool tables
Currently, l am reviewing pricing to replace all three items and have been working with the residents associated with the pool league to ensure we get good quality felt for the pool tables. The poker tables are currently in the works and we should have this finalized with type and style in the upcoming weeks

Assisting our residents
It is important to remember our resident who may be having difficulty during this time and may require assistance. If you know of anyone that needs assistance, please let me know and we will do our best to ensure their needs are being addressed. We are here to assist in the best way we know how. This community is full of many people that are willing to help each other and assist those who are in need. Please reach out to each other or to me so that we can assist those in need.
Finally, I would like to end with a quote from one of my favorite coaches, Lou Holtz, “Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity”. We are all going through this in some way, shape, or form. Let’s continue to assist and work with each other to overcome and become better people from it.
Thank you all for your time and I will continue to provide updates on all facets of the community as they are being addressed.

Be good to each other.

Jeffrey C. Belle CAM General Manager Pine Lake/ Lake Fairways

E L S M A N A G E M E N T N O T I C E - 6 A P R I L 2 0 2 0


March 21, 2020

Good afternoon Residents,

Please take this opportunity to review the following information regarding scams related to COVID-19

Scams are everywhere

Things to look for to spot COVID-19 email and text scams that could lead to unintentionally installing ransomware on your computer or network:

Thank you

Jeffrey C. Belle CAM

General Manager

Pine Lake/ Lake Fairways

PH: 239.731.2900

Cell: 239. 994.7618


March 21, 2020

Good afternoon residents,

Please allow me to take this opportunity to provide information to the residents of Lake Fairways/Pine Lakes.  As of close of business today, both restaurants (The Pub) & (The Sandtrap), will be closed until further notice.  

The restaurants will no longer be available for takeout service as of this afternoon.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience and we want to continue to ensure you that the health and safety of our residents and employees is always at the forefront.

In addition to this closure, the Golf Courses will be closed for outside play as of today, March 21, 2020, I have instructed our front gate attendants for both communities, that outside individuals will not be allowed to enter the community for golf and/or the restaurants.  For individuals that live in Lake Fairways or Pine Lakes, and have a membership, the golf courses will remain open.  If you are a resident and do not have a membership, we have restricted the type of payment to credit card or debit card only.  At this time there will not be golf carts available through the Pro Shop.  Please continue to practice social distance as well as the additional rules provided to you in previous notices.

The driving range will be closed however, the Pro Shop will remain open to members and will only be accessible to residents in the community that have current memberships or pay to play daily, unfortunately, we will not be accepting any cash payments at this time; Credit card or Debit Card only.

On behalf of my management team and ELS, I want to personally thank everyone that continues to take the necessary precautions during this difficult time.  

I will continue to provide information and updates as they are provided to me.


Thank you,

Jeffrey C. Belle CAM

General Manager

Pine Lake/ Lake Fairways

PH: 239.731.2900


March 19, 2020

Hello residents,

I wanted to take this time to provide you the most up to date information along with a brief question and answering section so that you understand the actions taken upon myself and my management team.  I will provide a brief but very informative overview of all the actions taken up to this point. While some of the actions may not be agreed to by some, it is our intention to ensure that our primary focus is that of our residents and employees.

Here is a summary and breakdown of the areas of the community that are closed and some questions that have been brought to me related to each that I will share with you.

Golf Courses

As of March 18, 2020, the golf courses will remain open at this time.  However, all tournaments are canceled until further notice.  Outside play continues however we have requested any individual that utilizes the golf course to practice Social distancing and one person per golf cart is currently implemented for outside play.

Restaurant (The Sandtrap)

As of March 18, 2020theSandtrap is now closed to the public. Carryout is still available to all residents in the community. Anyone wishing to place an order can stop by the Sandtrap to place their order or contact the Sandtrap at 239.731.1666.  While we have the interior of the Sandtrap closed, we are still ensuring the health and welfare of our residents by deep cleaning all areas  during its closure.


As of March 17, 2020, the directive was given to close all events that took place in the clubhouse as well as the facility itself. This included all scheduled activities,  reserved private events and upcoming events for the next 30 days.

Swimming pool

The Swimming pools are now closed until further notice, while they are closed Management is in the process of making required repairs and cleaning the areas to ensure  that once the authorization is given to open, we have taken the opportunity to address some of the items we would have done outside of season.  


Sales Office  

The Sales Office will be by appointment only at this time. If you require assistant or you need to contact management, you can call 239.731.2900 or 239.731.5565.



Question: Why haven’t they stopped outside individuals from entering the community to play golf?

Answer: While outside play is not cancelled, we do not have many outside guest at this time.  There has been a tremendous drop off for outside individuals utilizing the golf courses for both Pine Lake and Lake Fairways.  In addition, both courses are practicing social distancing measures.

Question:  Will they shut down golf?

Answer: As of this time, golf is not shut down.  My superiors are meeting every day and reviewing the current CDC information and if that decision is made, we will notify every one of the closures. 

Question: If my committee is less than 10 people can we still meet?

Answer:  I will not authorize anyone to meet in the common areas, however I would suggest that if you need to meet, that you practice social distancing and you meet at a resident’s home. We will not grant you access to the clubhouse to meet for any meeting at this time.

Question: I need to fax something from the sales office, you mean I need to call before I arrive.

Answer: Yes, while we will try to assist you as best, we can, we would like to ensure that we can address your issue efficiently and quickly.

Question: Why did you cancel our events?

Answer: Our priority is the health and well-being of everyone in the community. We recognize the cancellation of events is disappointing and inconvenient, but we believe that taking extra precautions in today’s environment make sense.

Question: There is an event planned in 45 days, will that one go on as planned?

Answer: Since this situation is changing day-by-day, we are unable to predict at this time what the CDC and local health department may be recommending 45 days from now. We will continue to monitor the situation and notify you of any changes to the policy.

On behalf of my team here at Pine Lakes/Lake Fairways, and ELS, thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time. 

I will continue to update you as information is provided to me.



Jeffrey C. Belle

Pine Lakes / Lake Fairways 
General  Manager

p (239) 731.2900/ c (239) 994.7618 


This message is advising you that starting today, March 18, 2020, the Pub and The Sandtrap will be closed to the public.  Residents can still contact the Pub or Sandtrap for takeout food only. 

Anyone wanting to order from The Pub you can contact 239-731-5874 or The Sandtrap you can contract 239-731-1666.

You can also place your order at The Pub or The Sandtrap , however you will not be granted access inside.

 It will be order and takeout only. 

In addition, ALL GOLF TOURNAMENTS are cancelled until further notice. 

The Golf course will  remain open at this time however, social distancing practices will need to be utilized as 1 person per cart will be 

implemented for outside play. 


March 18th

Someone jumped the fence to get to the pool, management

 wants you to know  if anyone goes near that area, hops over the fence

 he will have no choice to drain the pool.

 Please keep out of the area!!!




March 17th




March 17th

The entire clubhouse (except laundry room) is closed and locked along with the pool and hot tub are shut down.






MARCH 13, 2020

To Our Valued Residents and Guests - After careful consideration of the advice from the CDC and local health departments, we have made the decision to cancel all events for groups of more than 10 people taking place in common areas at our properties.

This includes: • All events sponsored by management/the property for more than 10 people.

• All events hosted/sponsored by residents/guests for more than 10 people.

 •All events for which someone has reserved a clubhouse or other facility for a private party for more than 10 people.

The cancellation of these group activities is effective immediately and applies to events hosted by the property as well as those hosted by residents.

We regret this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we practice social distancing in an effort to stay healthy.




This form must be filled out and given to Raine at the sale office  if you are wanting to use the Clubhouse for an event.


If your are in need of single event insurance and your insurance company does not offer it , you may try,

K & K Insurance Group, Inc.

1712 Magnavox Way

Fort Worth, IN 46804

Phone: 1-800-328-2317

Email : 8am - 5 pm

Office Hours: M-F 8am - 5pm EDT


* Pricing subject to change if not completing the purchase same day as the quoting.

For your security, no credit card information is retained on the site


This insurance company information is provided as a courtesy only. ELS has no affiliation with this company,

Please remember to do you own research when contacting

companies for quotes/services. 



















If there is a street light out you must get the number off the pole and the exact location and call or come to the Sales office so that it can be entered by Raina.

 Being the lights are on the property of Lake Fairways or Pine Lakes we need to do the form online.

Exact location-street etc is needed for accuracy, and once submitted it can take 7+-days to get it fixed.


Alzheimer's Program

You can sign up with our concierge, Fran

or call Raina at 239-731-2900