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Good afternoon all.  During the past couple of weeks there has been negotiations between the FMO / Legislators and the FMHA.  I will leave it to Jerry Durham, the FMO President to share the details, however, the highlights of the amendments to the two bills are attached.  This achievement was only made possible by a combination of the FMO and NFP members, many of whom are no longer members of the FMO.

 I ask you to spend a few minutes reflecting on the outcome of this legislation.  Think for a minute if there was no FMO.  There would be no resistance, none of any consequence in any event.  We cannot forget that while we do have many successes coloring between the lines with ELS, the reality is we have no standing in the legislature.  Without the FMO lobbyist in Tallahassee there is an extremely good chance legislation would be passed in a wink before we were even aware of its existence.  It truly was an eye opener and a close call, As a song once started with “imagine”, well just imagine if the bill was merely “repeal 723 F.S.”, impossible you think?  Maybe, but just imagine, is it really worth the gamble? 

Perhaps we should all reconsider our stance and ensure our memberships with the FMO are valid so the next time threatening legislation comes knocking we are prepared, with the numbers to back it up.  We will discuss more at our General Meeting at Serendipity or Feb. 23.

Best regards and Thank You

David W. Carr

Networking for Progress.

2425 Harden Blvd., Lot 150

Lakeland, FL 33803




Highlights of the Amendments to the Two Bills


Greetings all! YOU DID IT!!
As we were told during this past week, FMO created “such a ruckus” about HB 1339, {and previously about SB 818] FMHA was willing to find some common ground with us. Senator Hooper, the bill sponsor, had previously said he intended to FORCE the parties to the table to find common ground…and that has occurred this week.
✓ Are we completely happy? No. [And neither are they!!] ✓ Is the legislation improved? Yes!! It is so greatly and much improved!!

And, so…GOOD JOB AND BIG THANKS to all of you who engaged in this battle.
Below please find some of the issues we raised (in black) and the outcome (in red). You will see how effective you have been. Our Legislative Counsel has been told by so many Legislative Staff that your courtesy, articulation of the issues, and passion have been persuasive in the debate. • Removes the right for a home buyer to assume a lease and receive the initial prospectus that goes with the lot. No, No, No!! Changed as follows:
✓ A home buyer may continue to assume the remainder of an assumable lease…keeps current law. ✓ A home buyer will have the option to receive the seller’s prospectus or a new prospectus

• Permits adding an unlimited number of units to a park with no requirement to increase or add amenities for the new units. This would dramatically affect our pool, clubhouse, exercise area, or game area. Changed so expansion of more than 15% requires increasing facilities or amenities within reasonable timeframe.

• Permits amending the current prospectus without disclosure to homeowners about expanding the size of the park. Changed to require amending prospectus when expanding the park to include new lots.

• Requires a home buyer to make changes prior to occupying the home. Resales may become impossible. Deleted from the bill which takes the pressure off the resale. Homeowners must continue to maintain the community standard as established in the prospectus.

• Removes the requirement for certified or registered mail if there is an eviction notice. Deleted from the bill! Current law unchanged.

• Prohibits an experienced negotiator or attorney from attending the negotiating committee meeting. Deleted from the bill! Current law unchanged.

• The bill required changes to the requirements and obligations of homeowners when there is a lot rent dispute. (Timeframes, deposits, and access to funds deposited into the court registry) Deleted from the bill! Current law unchanged.

• Language was added to create a strict prohibition to prevent the park owner from passing on to homeowners taxes in an amount in excess of what he/she actually paid to the tax collector.

Taken from Senate Bill 1022: • Requires the park owner to send the change in use eviction notice to the Division of Condominiums, Timeshare, and Mobile Homes and the Division must then send the notice to the Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corporation. This will help avoid rumor and hearsay about park closings. ADDED TO THE BILL

• The amendment makes changes to the HOA statutes that are specific for mobile and manufactured home communities. These disputes are between the homeowners’ association and a community resident. This amendment improves the areas of elections of officers or directors, and the inspection and photocopying of official records. It is important to note that these changes apply to Chapter 723 homeowner associations only. ADDED TO THE BILL

Your involvement and engagement have been a best example of a GRASSROOTS effort.
Good Job!!










"Federation of Manufactured Homeowners Association"


Your Community Representative: Helen Novella

When you finish reading this article, I hope you will realize it is in your best interest to support The Federation of Manufactured Homeowners Association.

You might be year-round residents, a U.S. snow-bird or a Canadian snow–bird. We here at Lake Fairways enjoy the good life: golf association, entertainment committee, men’s club, women’s club, aqua babes, bowling, bridge, craft show, Christmas parade, soft ball, tai chi, shuffleboard, bocce and much more. We come we enjoy and take part and then go home relaxed and invigorated. But what is required to protect your asset of the good life? When the season ends and you return to your everyday life are you sure what you left will be here next season?  Like any asset you have to protect it.  What is protecting your asset?  You have two guard dogs. One is our Home Owners Association, active here in the community, the other is the Federation of Manufactured Home Owners Association, protecting you in Tallahassee. The community residents are always strong supporters of L.F.H.O.A.  In the past the community was a strong supporter of the F.M.O. but over time the support has dwindled. I hope to re-educate the community of the importance of the F.M.O.

 I will start by sharing how the F.M.O. began and how important it has been to help us maintain the life style we so much enjoy. In 1962, the St. Petersburg City Council planned to enact an ordinance mandating that mobile home owners install tie-downs, a very expensive proposition then.  Peggy Johnstone, upset by the impending mandate, contacted fellow mobile home owners and, on March 26th, 77communities came together to defeat the ordinance.  The F.M.O. was founded that day with a clear vision in place: protect the interest of manufactured/mobile home owners in Florida.  Through the years since then the organization has protected us over and over, but that is past history that you can read at another time.  I will share some of the more recent successes: 2009-Prevent repeal of the existing sales tax exemption on mobile home lot rentals; 2011- Prevent deregulation legislation that proposed to abolish the Division of Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes; 2012- Defeat legislation to require a new prospectus at resale; 2013- Negotiated with Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and pass legislation to require Citizens to reinstate coverage of your attachments and appurtenances if insured with them. It is so important what the F.M.O. has accomplished in our behalf. But, the organization has to have a presence in Tallahassee, watching and questioning what is going on in the Legislature that affects our life style. The F.M.O. is the only organization in the State of Florida that watches over the interests of the people living in manufactured homes.

The Florida Mobile Home Act (Florida Statute 723) was enacted in 1984, in part to address the relationship between the Park Owners and the Homeowner.  The Legislature recognized that the mobile home owners have certain basic property rights, which must be protected.  The legislature also recognized that the park owner had certain rights that needed to be protected.  They also are included in the law.

In order to operate the F.M.O. we must have the financial support of the home owners, and the membership count to have clout with the legislators in Tallahassee.  The officers of the organization are all volunteers. But there are operating expenses that cost money. There is our lobbyist, Nancy Black Stewart, our lawyer, Lee J. Collins on retainer, the building/office located in Largo, Fl., the office staff, the F.M.O. News our bi-monthly magazine, the Tech Service for the web page. These are expenses that have to be paid on a regular basis. Our U.S. banking system was “too big to fail”, but it did and look at the price we paid. Your F.M.O. “is too important to you to fail”.  Let’s not let that happen.

The annual membership is $25.00 or three years for $65.00. There is a copy of the F.M.O. Membership Application included in this month’s Informer for your convenience. I will also have applications and a self addressed envelope with me at Saturday Coffee and the Home Owner’s monthly meetings. Feel free to call me and I will drop off an application at your home.  For Our Canadian residents be sure to include your e-mail address. The post office does not forward the magazine to Canada.

Please take action, join or renew your membership. 

The F.M.O. needs you and you need the F.M.O.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen, 50-F   (239)-464-9339

Lake Fairways F.M.O. Representative





The F.M.O. ( The official Publication of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc)

By Helen 239-464-9339 50F


I am your FMO representative here at Lake Fairways. If you are not aware of the organization, let me elaborate: THE F.M.O. IS THE ONLY ORGANIZATION WORKING ON OUR BEHALF IN

TALLAHASSEE. The FMHO  ( The Florida Manufactured  Homeowners Association, ( the park owners) are at the capital also. Please read the letter from Jerry Durham, president of the F.M.O.. As you se we are revamping and moving into the 21st century. We must have your support to make that happen.

There is an application in this month's Informer and on this webite. You can always get an application at Saturday coffee or at the HOA general meetings. Please support the F.M.O., we need you and you need us. I would like to thank the 13 new member that came on aboard recently.

Greetings Everyone.

To paraphrase Mark Twain "Any report of the death of FMO is an exaggeration."  Agreed we will probably never see 90,000 members again. The generation that created FMO is gone and the Baby Boomers are not joiners. Just look around, is you HOA growing?  All major membership organization including AARP, Churches and other social organizations  are experiencing this. The ore organizations that seem to be turning around is VFW. The key to their success was revamping their facilities and addressing the needs and desired of today's veterans.

We have sold our buildings, true. The Headquarters had 15 offices and store rooms. Today we have two full time and one part time employee. It was an asset just not being used and the sale had put us in a position to make investments in our future, reduce our cost and improve cash flow.

We are committed to fulfilling our mission and improving our message and activism. More that ever our marketplace is being dominated by major corporations who continue to find  ways to separate us from our money. FMO was originally founded to fight government regulations and but the times have changed. You need FMO and we need you more than ever. 

We have been struggling with our IT and the ability to give our leaders the reports they need without a lengthy process worked out by volunteers. Even furnishing membership cards has been a challenge as you know.  We are meeting with companies to design our own system which should fit our needs for many years. We have received our first quote initiated my our staff.

We have filled out our committees with new people and I was pleased to hear the reports and suggestions from them at out recent Board meeting.  Membership had developed programs for incentives for new and existing members including the possibility of a discount program. Communications is laying the ground work for us to get our message our to the public as well as mobile home parks. The Consolidated Legal Funds will be revamped and a new marketing effort undertaken.

Finally, the Legislative Committee has put together the most comprehensive group of amendments since  Chapter 723 was written. Both F.M.O. and F.M.H.A. are submitting their own bills this year as the issues remaining aing between us are too far apart. How the Legislature will address these competing bills remaing to be seen. Your efforts will be critical to our success and we will keep you informed of the progress and recommended actions you need to  take. Send us your thoughts.

Jerry Durham

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