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Lake Fairways Homeowners Association

Oct 2020 HOA


                We are now in October and still under the restrictions due to the Covidus, but we are very fortunate. The Sand Trap restaurant, the swimming pool and the golf course are open to the residents. And we have the Spyglass Concert on Friday night to enjoy.  Also, we have not had any additional residents come down with the virus. I think that is because our residents are being responsible, wearing a mask and keeping social distance.

                The Board has had meetings with Jeff, the General Manager. We discuss issues and projects in the community that need attention and how they can be addressed. I have also touched base with our club presidents and the volunteers who due so much for the community. They are ready and anxious to get things going again. So, let’s say a prayer and hope the restrictions will be modified or lifted real soon.

Thank you, Helen Novella


Submitted By HOA President, Helen Novella


It is with a sad heart that we open this column expressing our deepest sympathy to the Mac Donald family on the passing of our long time friend and neighbor, Jack.  We wish our words could somehow ease your sadness, but in our hearts, we know the most they can do is simply let you how much we care. We are thankful the rest of the family got through the very rough time they had with the corona-virus.

I want to thank Kevin Mc Cabe and Mary Lou Quevedo for their professional handling of the Homeowners election in February. Kevin has taken on this project for several years. I also want to thank the many volunteers that stepped up to help Kevin and Mary Lou Q. It is the community support that makes Lake Fairways the special community it is.

ELS sending the “360 Inspection” letters out in July caused an up-roar.  I received several phone calls. We don’t understand why Jeff’s supervisors in Tampa held the letters back. We will speak with Jeff, suggesting if there are letters to be sent out it should be done no later than March, before the Snow Birds and our Canadian residents leave. But, I will say, I looked at every house I got a call on and the driveway needed to be cleaned.  I had several residents tell me that the prospective did not specify cleaning the driveway, but the driveway is considered a part of the overall appearance of the home site. There were a lot of letters sent out concerning the driveways. When the driveways are cleaned,  it will benefit the community.

Another issue, the Weather Man is predicting a very active hurricane season. I see a lot of homes with chairs, tables, large flower pots etc. outside. I have several items myself. When we get a warning of a hurricane, you must bring the items into your shed or into the house.  If you cannot do it yourself make arrangements ahead of time to have someone help you.

Also, Lake Fairways has supported two community programs for the twenty seven years that I have lived here. One, the empty ink cartridges for Littleton School and the aluminum tabs for Ronald Mac Donald.  Both programs have been discontinued, another example in the change in the times.

Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse is the schedule for the first General Membership Meeting for the 2020-21 Season. Let’s hope we will all be there. It has been to long since we have gathered together with our friends and neighbors. We shall see. Also, if you have a new resident in your cul-de-sac, invite them to attend the meeting.

Remember, the H.O.A. Board is here for you.  If you have questions or issues, contact your Board members. You can find us on the Webpage (lakefairwayshoa.com), listed in The Informer, and in the Telephone Directory.

Thank you,


Homeowners Association , June 2020

Submitted by Helen Novella

We believe the world has been shut down and wonder when we will be back to the “new normal”, but there are a lot of things going on in the back ground.

From January through May we have 27 new residents. We want to welcome them on board. If you have new residents in your cul-de-sac go, out of your way to welcome them. Let them know how great it is to live in Lake Fairways and encourage them to get involved.

HOA News: In the State of Florida manufactured, land lease communities are governed by Florida Stature, Chapter 723, of the Mobile Home Act. When these laws are modified, as they have been in 2016 and 2017, the HOA Assoc. must modify their By-Laws to be in compliance.  You HOA will be informing you about the changes and what will be necessary to bring our By-Laws in compliance in a few months. Also, your  HOA 20-21 Budget has been accepted by the Board. It will be posted  for your review, on the HOA Bulletin Board as soon as the clubhouse is opened.

I am sure you have noticed the beautiful new planting of flowers at the Community Entrance, in front of the Tennis Court and at the Pro Shop. Joshua Tree has created a very colorful display.

After many efforts by Jeffe Bell, our Generl Managers, we finally have our own full time maintenance / janitor for the club house. The new fellows name is Jose Figueroa. Give him a big hello when you see him.

Also the Clubhouse roof looks great. I saw these guys up on the roof with hoses and brushes. I asked what was going on. The super from Blue Water told me, just like we have to wash down, our homes buildings also have a build up of algae and mildew and have to be cleaned annually. They did a great job.

As I mentioned in the April article in the Webpage (lakefairwayshoa.com) and the Informer, too many houses do not have their cul-de-sac number and the house letter displayed on the front of your home. This is the simplest and most efficient way for someone to be able to locate you in the community. Maybe one person in your cul-de-sac would make this a project.

Residents who have issues or concerns are encouraged to contact your HOA Board members. You can find us listed on the HOA Webpage, in the phone book or in the Informer.





Homeowners Association April 11, 2020

Submitted by Helen Novella

I am writing this article today April 11, and I am thinking how lucky our community is doing during the Virus shut down.  None of our residents have come down with the virus, that’s special. We have a wonderful community to walk around in or ride your bike. We can play golf.

Don and Sherry Webster have a Friday night outdoor concert. Don and Sherry also remembered to thank the Lord and arranged an outside Easter Sunday service.

Then there’s “The Ladies Mask Brigade”, Mickey Misso, Kathy Hornback, Millie McCarthy, Wilma Cutler, Arlene Hanson, Michelle Gregg and Deb Born.  They are providing masks for you. All you have to do is give them a call. To all the members of the "Mask Brigade and to anyone that I might of missed, I thank you for helping to keep our people safe.

Look what the Women’s Club did, proving pizza for the medical crew on the front line at Lee County Hospital in Cape Coral. They delivered 30 pizzas at noon and another 25 later in the day. Lake Fairways is a very special community because it is filled with very special people. We will keep up the good work and get through this terrible time.

 Jeffe our community manager and his team are making good use of this down time. We have a new washer and dryer in the laundry room. The jets in the Jacuzzi are fixed. We have a new clock at the pool also. Bart has flushed out the drainage lines in the clubhouse parking lot. This should help with the summer rain flooding that area. Better grade cameras will be installed in the club house and at the pool.  Painting the parking lines at the club house and several other projects that will enhance the community.

At the February General Meeting, Kathy Hornback had a question about the Oak trees around the club house. The Board contacted Joshua, president of Joshua Tree, the company that does the work here in the community. The Board and Joshua met at the clubhouse. He gave us a full understanding of Florida Oak Trees. Although they are not deciduous,  (like when the northern trees drop their leaves for the winter) but, in the spring of the year, and with this hot weather we are experiencing we may not think it is spring, but to mother nature it is, this is what happens. The old leaves on the tree are pushed off by the new leaves forcing their way through. This is why when you see this abscission, you think the tree is under stress. The other question concerned about the air ferns (epiphytes).  You have seen these plants on other trees and it usually indicates stress. But, not true with oak trees, they are a welcome host.

Please take note of four forms that are on our Web page.





Clip these forms and keep them on hand.  They are required by management.

Remember, the H.O.A. Board is here for you. If you have questions or issues, contact your Board members. You can find us on our Web page, in the phone book and listed in the Informer.



 Message from the HOA President

 April 2020 



It seems like yesterday we said “Hello” to our Snow Birds and now we are bidding them “Farewell”.  Have a safe trip home. We will be looking forward to your return.

Please remember when you are closing your home for the season to bring all outside equipment and furniture in. Florida is known for its’ strong summer storms and it doesn’t take a hurricane to have these objects become missiles and do lot of damage. The same applies to the grass. Once the rains begin the grass grows right before your eyes. Make the necessary arrangements for these things before you leave.

Also, the club house storage room needs to be cleaned up.  Will the Presidents of our various clubs contact Bob, President of the Men’s Club (239-731-2091). The room is “BURSTING”, more than it can hold.

There are a lot of home improvement projects going on and the community is looking great. I have noticed many homes do not display the cul-de-sac number and house letter on the front of the house. This is the easiest way for someone to locate you. Street names and house numbers don’t work at all. You can find these number and letter decals almost anywhere. They are available at WalMart, and they are pretty reasonable.

The 2020-2021 H.O.A. membership is 680.  The voting for the H.O.A. Board was 245 votes, 35% of the community. The F.M.O. has 133 members. The Home Owners Budget will be presented to the Board of Directors at the April 7th meeting.

The Home Owners General Meeting, held on the 4th Tues. of the month will be discontinued for the summer months.  The next Home Owners General Meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 7 PM in the main hall of the club house.  Residents who have a question or issue are encouraged to contact any HOA Board member, utilize the Fix-It Book in the copy room at the club house. Please  write clearly and include your name and phone number. Also, you can inform ELS by stopping into the sales office and speak with Raina, or call her 239-731-2900.

Littleton School will not be collecting empty computer cartridges any more. The person who has been in charge of that project wanted me to be sure to thank the residents who have supported this project for several years. The collection box in the copy room will be removed.

It is time for our 2020 – Community Photo Directory. We need a few residents to step up for this project. Lifetouch, the publisher will work with you. The main work will be to set up scheduling etc., I am confident I will be hearing from some residents.


Take care




JANUARY 28, 2020




BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, John Hunter, Ron Hutz, Annette Graley, Helen Novella, Carl Gregg, Karen Pratt, Ray Burrows

Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

Bob Bennett introduce our Park Manager Jeff Belle. He spoke about his experience as Property Manager for 15 years. He was a previous manager in the Fort Myers area. He indicated he likes his job and always welcomes ideas from residents. He will have an open-door policy if you need to talk about things here at Lake Fairways. His will be located at the Sales Office. Bob also introduced Irma from the Census Bureau. She is looking for volunteers to help with the US Census and they will be paying $15.50 per hour. See her after the meeting if you are interested.

Bob then ask Kevin McCabe and Mary Lou Quevedo to introduce the Candidates running for the HOA Board. Before he introduced the candidates, he ask if there was anyone else interested in running for the Board. There was no reply of interest. Kevin then introduced the Six Candidates to speak of their intent to run for the three positions on the Lake Fairways HOA Board. The six candidates are: Robert Bennett, Judy Carson, George Files, Bill Fleckenstein, David Gielow, and Jerry White. Bob then introduce Helen Novella to talk about the FMO bills before legislation in Tallahassee. The two bill Amendments are HB 1339 & SB 818 which are important to us as homeowners. Please join the FMO. Applications are available after the meeting. Cost is just $25.00.

Bob also talked about the Capex items chosen for this year:

1.    Rebuild Patio and Deck at the Sales Office

2.    Replace moveable walls in the Club House-note not ordered yet

3.    Roof replacement for the ATM Building

4.    Pool Audio system

5.    Replace seawall golf hole # 17

6.    Paving of Cul de sacs

7.    Rebuild Golf Course Bunker #10


COMMENTS FROM ATTENDEES: 58-M When are they going to do the 360 inspections? Should be ongoing. Will talk to the Park Manager. Also, please ask whoever parks their white truck in the front of the Club House to not park there. They are blocking access to the Club House.

31-E We need to have more employees working in the Sand Trap. Yes we are talking to the Park Manager about that situation.

21-C What was the outcome about installing an additional railing for entrance/leaving the Pool Area? Still working on that at the present time. More info to come as soon as we know.

36-K Laundry Room floor is still in need of a very good cleaning. Working with the new Manager on that situation and washer/dryer as well.

 SA089 Why not buy our own Washer and Dryer. That is ELS project and we can’t use that area.

14-E Why can’t we have a lost and found area located here in the Club House? Please take all lost and found items up to the Sales Office.

34-A What Cul de Sac’s are they going to pave? No one knows just yet. Management working to identify which are in the worst condition.

KAREN PRATT talked about using the correct color papers located in the laundry room when you want to sell/buy an item. She also mentioned that when walking at night or early morning please use a flashlight. Also, Golf Carts should turn their lights on as well.  

There will be a Shredding Truck available on February 21, 2020 from 1-3 PM to anyone in Lake Fairways and Pine Lakes. Suggested minimal donation is $5.00. Large Banker’s Box $10.00. All proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Freda Bennett talked about the upcoming Ladies 18 Hole Annual Hole in One and Putting Contest to be held February 23, 2020 from Noon to 3 PM.

Motion was made to adjourn at 8:00 PM


Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary




Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett



The new  furniture for the lobby and lounge has arrived. It certainly is a big improvement.

 ELS is working on getting our new sound system installed. 

 Work on the new perimeter fence is complete. It certainly is an improvement over the chain link. Pictures below.

 With the start of the new season, we are looking for candidates interested in running for the HOA board. It is a three year term. If you are interested in running please contact Kevin McCabe or Mary Lou Quevedo.


  Feel free to contact any board member with your concerns about Lake Fairways.



DECEMBER 11, 2019



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bob Bennett, Ron Hutz, Bill Fleckenstein, John Hunter, Annette Graley, Karen Pratt, Ray Burrows, Carl Gregg


Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

Bob Bennett talked about our meeting with the Park Manager Julie Flake on December 4th.

Cap Ex funds for 2020 pending approval include: Paving, New Walls in Clubhouse, Golf Course Bunkers, and Golf Course Hole # 17 Lake wall replacement. Paving of which Cul De Sac is not known at this time.

Today 10 Pine Trees were removed.

Sound system in Clubhouse is still on going. Microphones have been repaired and new ones ordered.

Electrical problem with Christmas lights for the Blvd. has been corrected for now.

 Karen Pratt talked about updated Hall Rental form is now available at the office. Price for $1 Million insurance having Alcohol is $175.00. If you want to sponsor a

Saturday morning Coffee event for your Birthday or Anniversary let Karen know. Cost would be $75.00.


COMMENTS FROM ATTENDEES: 46-K Comment last month about other duties assigned to HOA members was just for information. Bill Fleckenstein will place the other duties information form on our bulletin board.

 49-F Do we have a New Park Manager? Yes, and his name is Jeffery Belle.

2-M Clubhouse floors need to be cleaned better. They have hired a new employee and her name is Lauren Neff.

36-K Laundry room floors are filthy and it also is very stinky in that area. No one has cleaned that area for some time. Will talk to management about that situation.

SA089 Better lighting is needed in the middle area of the clubhouse. It has been very hard seeing during Bingo games.

23-J There have been several people smoking in the pool area and not in the assigned area.

55-K Sunseekers park pool has been shut down for repairs and they have been told that they can use Lake Fairways or Pine Lakes while repairs are being completed. They also must stop at the office and get a pool pass.

5-F What is noted on our bills identified as “water pass thru”. Not sure wasn’t on the 90day notice. Check with the office.

 4-J Need better controls with speeding in our park. Police will not patrol because it is under 25 MPH. Need to push ELS.

39-F The boots at the Veterans Memorial look very nice. Thanks.

Motion was made to adjourn at 7:50 PM


Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary



NOVEMBER 26, 2019



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bob Bennett, Ron Hutz, John Hunter, Helen Novella, Carl Gregg, Karen Pratt, Ray Burrows

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Bill Fleckenstein, Annette Graley

Minutes of previous meeting were read by Ron Hutz and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

Vice President John Hunter talked about our meeting with the Park Manager Julie Flake on November 20th. Dead Pine Tress are removed as budget funds are available. Will request additional funds for removal. There will be 10 dead Pine Tress removed by December 11th.

 Notifications of deficiencies, in the upkeep of your properly, in the summer months, when leaving the Community for several months, are provided with a 30day notice and then a follow up of 7 days. Residents have the responsibility to make sure that management has the correct mailing address when you leave and return to the community. Please provide the front office of your change of address.

Drainage in the driveway at the Clubhouse is being investigated for cost of repairs.

Sound system is a work in progress and there is some improvement.

 Roof on ATM building will be replaced.

 New Clubhouse furniture and additional window drapery/valances to be completed by the end of December.

Outdoor storage area has been approved. Laundry room is still a work in progress.

ELS is looking into a Laundry service, but they want a firm amount of use. ELS is also looking into purchasing the required items needed.

Insurance policy on Clubhouse room rentals.  

At this time is, any event that will have nonresidents attending will require a Single Event Policy of $300K with no alcohol/$1M with alcohol. However, if the event is HOA sponsored the SEP is not required. Pine Lakes residents are not considered nonresidents.

Tennis Court water fountain will have to wait until next year when (Cap Ex) funds become available.

Helen Novella talked about the legislation in Tallahassee. Senate Bill 818, and 723. Membership is declining over the years. Jerry Durham, FMO President states membership in the best of times was 90,000. We have only 103 members in Lake Fairways.

Karen Pratt spoke about decorating the clubhouse. Also, laundry room notices must be on correct color paper. Do not remove signs. Do not put items for collection in the laundry room.

Golf Carts are only allowed in handicap parking areas with a correct sticker.

New residents will be meeting tomorrow. This is scheduled once a month. Karen and Annette run the new resident’s tours.



21-C Lounge chairs are missing from pool area. ELS is having the chairs restored.

27-G Talked about the ELS Portal now available for all residents. More information is available at the front office.

34-A Talked about the boulevard entrance/exit lighting having problems with electrical boxes again. Need to put plastic bags over the box receptacles. This could help. HOA donated $500 towards the Christmas Lights.

56-M Christmas Card boxes are in hallway. Deer decoration used for boulevard have been ruined because of leaking storage area. Needs repaired and inside cleaned.

46-K Can we have a list of what each Board Member has for a responsibility. Yes, it is available in their By-Laws. Copies have been provided several times.

 49-G Veteran Memorial plaques very nice. Still selling the bricks and that is what pays for the extras at the memorial.

Motion was made to adjourn at 8:00 PM


7:00 PM.


Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary with the help from Ron Hutz.



OCTOBER 22, 2019 


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: John Hunter, Bill Fleckenstein, Carl Gregg, Annette Graley, Helen Novella, Karen Pratt, Ray Burrows


Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

Vice President John Hunter talked about our meeting with the park manager Julie Flake on October 16th.

The sound system here in the Clubhouse is still waiting a response from the contractor for repairs.

The laundry room washer and dryer issues are still being negotiated with a laundry leasing company.

 Additional Pool Railing is still waiting a second estimate. When completed there will be two railings for entrance and exit of the pool area.

 There is a security camera installed in the pool area.

The home removed from 46-O will be replaced by a new one very shortly.

 Pine needles will be removed from the Old ATM.

Karen Pratt talked about Aqua Babes and the cleaning of the pool. Several times the Pool is being cleaned the same time as the Aqua Babes are in the pool. So, if this bothers you, please leave the pool area just for a short time and then return.

Take A Bow (Lake Fairways Group) want you! Auditions will be held on Friday October 25th and Saturday October 26th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Clubhouse lounge.

Sand Trap is now open for Pictionary on Monday’s from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and Karaoke on Friday’s from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

COMMENTS FROM ATTENDEES: 2-L talked about the start of Bingo on Friday November 8th. Doors open at 5 PM and games begin at 6 PM. Cash prize games. Lake Fairways & Pine Lakes Communities only. Early Bird Game, 10 Regular Games, Jackpot Game. $10.00 per person. Clubhouse kitchen opens at 5:00 PM. Closed during games and opens again during intermission. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.

46-K Just a comment about the clubhouse being closed for floor replacement and pool closed for repairs during that time we lost some of our amenities. This is not to reflect on the HOA but meant for ELS.

1-N Why can’t we get a liquor license for the Sand Trap and Pine Lakes has one? The Sand Trap does not have enough square area to apply for a Lee County Liquor License. We tried this several years ago and when the Lee county Liquor commission review the Sand Trap the required seating did not comply. This is not a dead issue but probably many years from now.

 47-B The Clubhouse policy for when we need to have insurance coverage for certain events and the reason for that coverage is to vague. We need to have it put in writing, so everyone knows the rules. The HOA is working on that with ELS and should be available shortly.

1-N We need to have additional swimming pool area tables. Ones with an umbrella. HOA will take that up with Management.

Motion was made to adjourn at 7:30 PM

50/50 was conducted




September 24, 2019



SEPTEMBER 24, 2019


PRESENT: Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Helen Novella, Carl Gregg, Annette Graley, Ray Burrows

ABSENT: Ron Hutz, Karen Pratt, John Hunter

Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

Bob Bennett talked about the meeting with Julie Flake our Park Manager on this past Wednesday September 18.

The Clubhouse will be open on September 18, 2019.

The home at 46-O to be demolished/removed starting Friday September 27th

 The new perimeter fence is looking good. Any voids left by the installation will be filled in completely.

The new furniture for the lobby and lounge has been ordered.

 Sound system for the clubhouse will be completed by this October.

Dead pine trees are being removed as budget funds are available and by priority.



  9-B Pool lights and motion lights are not functioning. We will check this out and report to Park Manager.

46-J I was told, by the office Raina, when scheduling dates for the Bible Study that I will need to get insurance.  Why? We will talk this over with Raina and the Park Manager. It only affects people that are coming from outside of the community.

 15-G I want to thank all the residents of Lake Fairways for the love and support demonstrated during my recent hospitalization and recovery.

 27-G We need to talk to Raina at the office about the insurance situation. It only effects people from outside the park.



Motion was made to adjourn at 7:35 PM

Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary


  May 28, 2019


MAY 28, 2019


PRESENT: Bob Bennett, John Hunter, Helen Novella, Carl Gregg, and Karen Pratt.

ABSENT: Ray Burrows, Ron Hutz, Annette Graley, Bill Fleckenstein

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved. 

Bob Bennett reported the following comments regarding our meeting with management.

The statement that the owner’s of residences in Lake Fairways have been asked to signed is to give support to the Board and our legal counsel to proceed with a statutory meeting regarding the proposed 10% charge for late rent.  There will be statutory meeting with representatives of our Board, our attorney and ELS on June 27th.

 46O is now owned by ELS. No date has been set for demolition.  Any items that have been removed from that residence have been done under the auspices of ELS.  A new home should be in place on that lot by the 4th quarter of this year.

Pool deck to be cleaned and painted in June.  Pine Lakes pool will be available for Lake Fairways during the time our pool is closed.

Regarding the clubhouse flooring – The entire floor will not be done at one time, however to have something taking place in the clubhouse, bathrooms must be available and all safety issues must be addressed.

ELS is working with Karen Pratt, the Saturday coffee coordinator, to find a way we can continue the Saturday coffees during the time the flooring is being worked on.

The side walls in the clubhouse will be removed and not replaced until all work has been completed.

Comments from the floor:

49N - What are they planning on doing in the building?

Ans:  New floors, side wall removed and replaced in the first quarter of 2020. Sound system updated and stage lighting upgraded.

46K Can they at least rehang the drapes on 46 O?

ANS: We will ask ELS.

Are they doing anything with the center area in the kitchen?

ANS: Not at this time.

20M - Are they planning on doing any painting in the building?

ANS: No.  They do plan on replacing furniture in the lounge and the lobby.

25M - Presented the information from the FMO about being able to Homestead a manufactured home and the benefits of doing so. 

ANS: Helen will write up the information and have it put in the informer.

46K - With all the things going on, why isn’t there another meeting scheduled until September. 

ANS: We do not have meeting scheduled during the summer months, but like we have done in the past, we will not hesitate  to call a meeting to present any new information.

26A - What about recyclables and trash after a holiday?

ANS: Information will be posted on the Lake Fairways web site.

56M - Who manages our park? 

ANS: Julie is our park manager however there are times when she does have to help out other parks.  Some managers have the full time responsibility of more than one park.

34L - The fountain on the 15th green seems to be very active. 

ANS:  Will ask maintenance to check.

26N - The flag poles belong to ELS.  It is the job of maintenance to maintain them.  Lights on the flag poles will be adjusted.

43E - Questioned the work to be done on bocce court?

ANS: We were told the work will be started in the next few weeks regarding the concrete work  and no smoking sign. Landscape will be done at a later date.

S-A089 -  is there any way some type of storage area out of the building could be provided for all the tables, etc inside storage room? 

ANS: This will be discussed with ELS.

58M - Why do we continually have problems with the pool deck?  Can’t it be done properly? 

ANS: This will be discussed with ELS. 

34L - Let’s give the Board a hand for all they do and show our support.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Karen Pratt, in the absence of Bill Fleckenstein.



APRIL 23, 2019




PRESENT: Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, John Hunter, Helen Novella, Carl Gregg, Annette Graley, Ray Burrows

ABSENT: Ron Hutz, Karen Pratt

Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

Bob Bennett talked about the meeting on April 18 with our attorney Robert Burandt, in reference to the change in late fee notice issued by ELS. Our attorney indicated he would send notice to ELS’s attorney Stanley Martin that would address this is in violation of both the home owners Prospectus and Lease agreements. In order to proceed we will need 452 home owners signatures by June 27th.

Bob also talked about our meeting earlier today with the Park Manager Julie Flake. Home site 46-O Sale date and Public Auction is anticipated to be in 4-6 weeks.

Pot Holes are being repaired by maintenance.

Nothing to report on paving for now.

Priority projects first.

Parking area for golfers on the south side of the Pro Shop will have the stops moved three feet each side. This will open the area for travel.

Lake fountains will be replaced after estimates are received.

Hot Tub Pump motor will be replaced.

 COMMENTS FROM ATTENDEES: JUDY CARSON 39-F Will the Petition Forms be available so others can sign on line? Yes, we plan on having it available on the HOA web site.

LISA EVANS 47-B Why weren’t we notified about signing the Petition via the HOA Website? It was announced at Saturday morning coffee and the committee was still in the process of having it available on the Website.

SUE GIELOW 46-K Have heard that the folding walls will be removed on July 8th to replace the flooring. Make this available on the website.

MIKE CAPPOLA 56-B When can we expect to have the sound system corrected? Sometime in October we are told.

MARGARET PANZER 21-C Paving vs what? What are the priorities? Nothing to report now. As soon as we know you will be notified.

CAROL AHLERT 36-K Why don’t residents have house numbers placed on their homes. This should be mandatory. There is no requirement to due this, but common sense should prevail.

 LISA EVANS 47-B Thanks for the FMO information. Well done.

SUE GIELOW 46-K We should work with other parks to jointly file the law suit. We have ours under the CPI and other parks need to negotiate a 4-5% increase every year.

 ARLENE HANSEN 58-M There is a color chart available at the ELS office for people painting their homes. Doesn’t seem to apply for all of us.

LISA EVANS 47-B HOA website was down for 3 weeks with no information as to why. The website should be brought into the 2020 Millennium.

MARY LOU QUEVEDO 2-L website was a 2004 model that we got for free. They are now working on the website to improve the format and make it better user friendly. Oh, by the way Pine Lakes hasn’t been updated for years.


Motion was made to adjourn at 8:00 PM

50/50 was conducted

Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary

MARCH 26, 2019







The Meeting came to order at 7:01 p.m. with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

PRESENT: John Hunter, Ron Hutz, Karen Pratt, Helen Novella, Carl Gregg, Annette Graley

ABSENT: Bob Bennett, Bill Fleckenstein, Ray Burrows

Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures report was read and accepted.

 John Hunter talked about our meeting earlier with the Park Manager Julie Flake.

There was a meeting held with Julie, Mike Coppola and members of the HOA to discuss the repairs to the Bocce Ball Court. Management has agreed on these improvements. Also, new picnic style tables and benches have been ordered for the Bocce Ball area.

The new pole for light to entrance of clubhouse parking lot was delivered incorrect. Electrician is waiting for new pole.

Golf Cart Barn roof has been repaired. Parking area for golfers will have the stops moved 3 feet on each side. This will be done by maintenance.

Maintenance has been repairing pot holes using cold patch.

Three Pool Umbrellas are missing, and one pushed thru chair web. There usually are a total of six. ELS to replace missing ones.

Nothing new to report on 46-O. Still in court action.

New Audio system for Clubhouse will be installed by October.

New dog  waste receptacles are installed, and they are very nice.

COMMENTS FROM ATTENDEES: LINDA LINDQUIST 54-H 90 Day Notices issued this week have new late fee adjustment. Current Late Fee $40.00 after 10th of month and New Late Fee is 10% of unpaid sum after 5th of month. ANS: The HOA Board needs to check on this change.

SANDIE GORDON 31-E About 46-O, it can’t be touch until ELS owns it. When home on Indian Wells was condemned ELS took it down.

MIKE 47-B If 46-O was condemned tear it down.

JOHN LAMBERT 26-N Which Cul De Sacs are scheduled for repaving. ANS. Not sure at this time.

RANDY PETERSON 46-E Broken Sewer Lines. Are they Homeowner’s or ELS responsibility? ANS: Depends on where the break is located. Contact should be made with FGUA (Florida Governmental Utility Authority) Phone 239-543-1005.

Karen Pratt indicated that the lady was reimbursed for all cost in having her line fixed.

LISA EVANS 47-B Does the HOA manage the website? No, it is Mary Lou Quevedo for now. Need to make website more user friendly. Calendar on website (Pine Lakes does) ANS: There is one on the HOA website. Website is only good as the information that is provided.

CHRIS TARANTOLE 46-G What is FGUA responsibly for pipes location on house lots? ANS: Need to contact FGUA to be sure of location and responsibility.

JOHN LAMBERT 26-N Clean out to road belongs to FGUA. Clean out to house belongs to homeowner. Need to verify location of clean out. If unsure contact FGUA.

DAVE GIELOW 46-K Agree with cleanout responsibility.

JUDY CARSON 39-F Dog Park—2 more locations for Dog Park. Will meet with Julie to discuss the new locations.

BARRY SHORTT 49-F Swimming Pool in good shape this year, but jets in Hot Tub do not work. Palm trees around pool have died but no effort to replace them. Other Palm Trees have been trimmed.

HUGH MITCHELL 14-E Hot tub jets when not working call maintenance person and they will come with a key to reset.

SUE GIELOW 46-K HOA Website to be treated equality restaurant Lunch People and Summer Fun.

KAREN PRATT 37-N Don’t forget the Pool Party this Sunday and Easter Sunrise Service April 21st at 7:00 A.M.

KATHY HORNBACK 56-M Change in late fees. Tropical Palms and Emerald Lakes have already been told. ANS: Look into it legally.

MIKE ANSALDI 47-B Payment to ELS could be late if Bank does not get it on time while paying it on line. Will have to pay earlier until this is resolved.

STEWART 49-G Area south of the Pro Shop for golfers is always a dangerous area when golfers park their carts there to load/unload golf bags.

KATHY HORNBACK 56-M Could you have the Pro Shop ask people to back their vehicles into parking slots. There are signs up to have trucks back in.

RUTH ANN NOTHOF 3-K I think the HOA Board does a good job.


 Motion was made to adjourn at 8:05 P.M.

 No 50/50

 Submitted by Bill Fleckenstein, Secretary 


July 2019

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

We  met with our attorney June 27, 2019. At the stated time of the meeting, when the ELS attorney had not arrived , our attorney immediately contacted him by phone. Their attorney stated he forgot about our statutory meeting. The HOA attorney explained that the prospective and lease agreements  were signed contracts between the homeowners and ELS. He was told that there was no legal right to change the existing prospectus under the existing Florida laws.

Their attorney contacted ELS offices in Tampa and returned a call to our attorney.  The way it was left is that the only way a change could be made would be to have a second prospectus in the future without effecting the existing parties.

ELS was told we need a signed document agreeing to avoid court action.


June 2019


Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

There will be no paving project this summer. In its place, ELS will replace the perimeter fence on the south side of Lake Fairways. They are hoping that it will take place sometime in the third quarter. The new fence will be similar to the fence outside the maintenance area.

We have received over 525 signatures on the Statement of Dispute forms. This is well over the 50% plus one signatures required to continue the legal process, but we would like to have as many as possible. If you have not signed a dispute form , please print one from this website and submit it. Thank you for your support.

The dispute concerns the change in late payment fees. Our statutory meeting with management is scheduled for June 27th. Check the HOA website for updated information.

The FMO membership application is now on the HOA website. FMO is the one organization that works with the state government to protect the interests of parks like Lake Fairways. We recommend that all homeowner become a member of the FMO.

Riding through Lake Fairways I have noticed items stored alongside homes such as ladders, that could cause problems during summer storms. Make certain that everything outside your house is properly secured.

Our next HOA meeting is scheduled for September,24th. If the board feels there is a need for an additional summer time meeting, like in the past, we will not hesitate to schedule one.

Please contact any board member with your concerns about Lake Fairways.

APRIL 2019

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

We hope all the snowbirds made a safe trip home.


ELS is attempting to change our due date and late fee's of our lot rent. We have contacted our HOA attorney

and we are pursuing the issue. We are required to obtain signatures from 50% plus one of the 903 effected lots. 

You do not need to be a member of the HOA.

Click on the link above to obtain the the statement of dispute form.

Please print, complete and mail to :


Lake Fairways HOA

10000 Lakewood Shores Circle

North Ft. Myers, 33903

We have no dates for the paving project. We will let you know as soon as we have been notified.

We will be watching the renovation of the clubhouse. The folding walls are scheduled to be taken down sometime in June. The flooring will be replaced sometime between the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

We will try to keep you informed of any date changes. The dates are at the mercy of the contractors.

It is important to make certain your property is taken care of for the summer months.

The rains cause everything to grow faster. Roundup only works for a month.

Objects that can be blown away should be put away.

The next HOA general meeting will be May 28th. That will be the last meeting until September 24th.


Please feel free to contact any board members with concerns about Lake Fairways.



March 2019

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

Annette Graley and Ray Burrows were elected to the board. Ron Hutz was elected to his second three-year term.

I would also like to thank Mike James and Marie Butler for their service to the community.

April is the time of year when the snowbirds start to head north for the summer. Please store away all loose items in your yard that can become flying objects during the summer storm. Also make arrangements to have trimming of your yard, trees, and bushes while you are gone. Everything grows fast in the rainy season.

The HOA board would like to thank ELS for putting up the signs warning residents and visitors to not feed the wild life. When people do things to attract gators, the animal will associate people with food. If the gators go up into yards, they have to be removed.

As always, please feel free to contact any board member with concerns you may have about Lake Fairways. We will do our best to keep you informed on the website.

Safe travels for all those going north. We look forward to seeing you next season.



February 2019

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

The winter season is in full swing. Read the Informer carefully so you don’t miss any events that interest you the most.

Now that the park population is at its highest level please observe the traffic patterns. The cul-de-sacs are all one way. Walkers should face the oncoming traffic, and not walk side by side when cars are approaching. Bike riders should go with the traffic and not ride side by side.

There are a number of residents that park vehicle on the lawns. Water lines are close to the surface and it will be your responsibility for repairs, plus it is unsightly. Think of your neighbors and how it looks for our community.

As stated in Lake Fairways Rules and Regulation:

VII. Only two passenger cars are allowed per home. All commercial vehicles, boats, and trailers must be parked in the designated storage area.

The park rules are for protection of all residents.

February 26th: The election of the new board members will be held. Look for the candidates bios in this February issue of The Informer. The newly elected board members will be announced at the February HOA meeting.

If you have concerns or questions about activities at Lake Fairways please fell free to contact any board member.


January 2019

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

Welcome back to all returning from the holidays. We hope you left all the cold weather up north.

The Women’s and Men’s Clubs worked hard to decorate the clubhouse and boulevard. Residents that are away from Lake Fairways during the holidays miss a real treat.

The board would like to thank Darrell and Janet Eaton for taking over the cart parade and judging. It takes residents like this who are willing to volunteer and do their best to make this a better community.

Anyone interested in running for the HOA board, please contact Kevin McCabe as soon as possible. Resumes and pictures for the Informer need to be submitted in early January.

Our next meeting is January 22nd. It will be your opportunity to hear from the candidates for the new board. To vote in the February elections you must pay your HOA dues by January 31st. The red dues collection box can be found in the workout room next to the copier. Do not put your dues in the HOA mailbox.

Feel free to contact any board member with any concerns about Lake Fairways.

December 2018

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

As of this writing I’m in the middle of the Atlantic about a thousand miles from land. Modern technology has allowed me to stay in touch with Lake Fairways.

The holiday season is starting. The annual cart parade and caroling will start the season off with a bang. Thanks go to the Eaton’s for bringing it all together.

When traveling around the park, I have noticed a number of vehicles parked on the streets overnight. Please respect your neighbors and park in your own driveways. Another reason to keep the roads clear is to keep easy access for emergency vehicles.

Kevin McCabe is currently looking for residents who would like to serve on your HOA board. We have three opening on the ballot for February voting.

Just a reminder:  If you are having a problem or concerns with the community, please fill out the complaint form, which can be found in the copier room. When your form is turned in to management, the HOA gets a copy. When we receive our copy , we follow up with management to be sure it is addressed.

Those heading north for Christmas, be sure to travel safely. We will see you again when you return. Enjoy your time with your loved ones.


November 2018

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

November is the start of the HOA annual membership drive. Membership envelopes are being distributed with this issue of the Informer and calendar.

We are also looking for residents interested in running for the HOA board of directors. Every year we have an election for three board members. If you are interested, please contact Kevin McCabe for details.

A new copy machine is now located in the exercise room. Copies are 10 cents each. The copier is for the use of Lake Fairways residents. A coin box for payment is located above the copier.

Roger, our veggie man, will be returning to the park on Saturday, November 17th  from 9:00 am until noon through to May 4, 2019. He will has his stand located in the south end of the clubhouse parking lot.

With the season starting back up, we are seeing more and more walkers in our community. PLEASE, when you’re driving the perimeter road, either in a car or golf cart, please observe the walkers. And walkers, when you see a car or golf cart approaching you, please go into a single file. Too many walkers stay two, three or four abreast when approaching cars. Those who drive their golf carts before sunrise or at the start of dusk, PLEASE turn on your cart's lights.

The HOA monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th. Please plan to attend. If you have concerns with the operation of Lake Fairways, you can always contact any board member. 

September 2019

Notes from meeting with Pine Lakes HOA

This information is as of the date of the meeting, September 12th, 2018.

Nothing has been signed regarding the contract – purchase is still pending.

The Board contacted Bryon Hamon of the Zoning Commission whom has not responded to the phone call.  The Southwest Florida Water Management has not been contacted regarding to sewage issues, etc.

The Homeowners Board of the Leased Land was asked to meet separately with the representatives of ELS. The meeting was held with the Board of the Estate.  ELS was represented by Julie, Joanne, Leslie (VP), a Senior Vice President, and a CO out of Chicago.  (Sorry I did not get all the names)

The preliminary drawing shows 369 homes to be located on 80 acres. The home sites will be arranged in a straight row, not like the circular cul-de-sac order the Board requested. The proposed lots will be 4,420 to 4,450, approximately 3,000 ft. smaller.

They are to have their own clubhouse/fitness area along with their own pool. The new proposed clubhouse is to be approximately 6,000 sf and will include the fitness area. The present Pine Lakes’ clubhouse is 14,500 sf not including the offices. Pine Lakes Country Club is located on 304 acres

The current concern is the use of the present clubhouse. The additional 369 homes will also have full access to all the present amenities of Pine Lakes.

The apparent concern is the size of the home that those lots would accommodate. There was also the concern as to how the present amenities of Pine Lakes will accommodate more people. This additional property plus the original Pine Lakes will have a total 1,250 homes which will bring an additional concern how it may affect the current owners’ property values. Another concern is how the traffic situation will be regarding both communities as well as how our present services will be affected.

Residents were encouraged to contact the Commissioners regarding: layout of the property, size of the lots, and the size of the homes.

The Lake Fairways Country Club’s concerns that needs to be addressed is:

·         The traffic situation that will be caused with this possible new addition

·         The value of their investment in their personal property with this addition

Residents were also encouraged to pay their HOA dues. Money may be necessary for legal fees.


September 2019

Message from the HOA President

   The Clubhouse floor is complete, looks great.

   ESL has ordered new furniture for the lobby and lounge. It certainly is an improvement.

   Our new sound system should be completed in October.

   Work on the new perimeter fence is cpmpleete. It certainly is an improvement over the chain link. Pictures below.

   With the start of the new season, we are looking for candidates interested in running for the HOA board. It is a three year term. If you are interested in running please contact Kevin McCabe or Mary Lou Quevedo.

  Feel free to contact any board member with your concerns about Lake Fairways.



October 2018

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

Those of us who stay here all summer are starting to see several familiar faces. That must mean that some of the snowbirds are starting to migrate down south. Some residents have questioned letters received from ELS concerning their yards or homes. The prices that management states are what they would charge to do the work. These letters are sent to alert residents to keep our neighborhood looking as nice as possible. 

There are a number of residents around Lake Fairways who do yard work and power washing. You can check the vendors book, laundry room bulletin board or the advertisements in our Informer for these services.

Do not park your vehicles in yards. The water lines down here are not buried deep underground like they are up north. With all the rain the ground is soft. You could be responsible for repairs.

Your board hears many people complaining about things going on in our community. Putting your complaints on Facebook does not help get problems solved. ELS does not see Facebook. Any information the board receives from management is posted on our website, Lakefairwayshoa.com, not on Facebook.

Your board is here to work for you. We are the liaison between the residents and management. If you have concerns about the community, please contact any board member. Our phone numbers are all posted in the Lake Fairways phone book or on the bulletin board in our clubhouse.


September 2018

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

We are starting to see some of the summer projects getting completed, slow but steady but never fast enough. The new Bocce Ball court is in the process of being rebuilt. The concrete has been poured and everything should be ready for the coming season.

The project to replace the flooring in the clubhouse has been put on hold. ELS has decided to do the entire project at one time next year. We will let you know when we have more information.

The rains have been heavy throughout the summer. It is important to be sure to have your yards cleaned up of all objects that could become flying objects.

Our HOA general meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 24th at 7:00 pm.

If you have any questions or concerns about what is taking place at Lake Fairways, please feel free to contact any board member.


July-August 2018 

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

Summer came quickly. All the snowbirds left Lake Fairways thinking the lakes would never be full again. It took only one week of rain to fill them up.

Some of the summer upgrades have taken place. The paving of Tamarron and Deer Creek has been completed. Also, security cameras have been installed at the main gate and in the clubhouse.  In the future, this system can be expanded to cover other areas.

One of the major improvements yet to be completed this summer is the clubhouse flooring. Plans are to replace all the flooring from the north entrance to the ballroom. The rest of the clubhouse is scheduled for next year.

I have been informed that the pool deck will be resurfaced starting June 18th. The process will take a couple of weeks. Hopefully, by the time you read this the work will be completed.

With the rainy season upon us, we need to stress the importance of not parking vehicles on the grass areas. The waterlines are close to the surface, and you could possibly damage your lines. It would be your responsibility to have them repaired.

Any information ELS wants the board to relay to the community will be posted on lakefairwayshoa.com. It will not be posted on Facebook.

Enjoy the rest your summer and be safe.

Please feel free to contact any board member with concerns you may have about Lake Fairways.


May-June 2018 

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

Safe travels to all who are heading north. Please make certain your homes are ready for the summer weather. Put away any yard objects that can be blown away during a storm. This includes any items hanging on your home’s exterior. As we learned in September, flying debris is awful.

We continue to have problems with speed and careless driving throughout Lake Fairways. Recently a walker was hit by a truck in Pine Lakes. She was not in the roadway. He crossed over the lanes and struck her as she was walking on the grass.

The board looked into installing speed humps on the perimeter road. These have been approved throughout the state, but our local fire chief does not want anything that would slow the reaction time of the rescue squads.

As of this writing we have no dates for this year’s road paving project. The dates will be posted on the website as soon as they are available.

We are also looking forward to the new security cameras in the clubhouse. They are scheduled to be installed sometime this quarter.

Please feel free to contact any board member with concerns in Lake Fairways.

LAWN MOWING: Joshua Tree has a permanent crew for Lake Fairways who will be servicing our community each week.

Please note that Pine Lakes has a different crew working over there.


April 2018 

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

The board is looking for a full-time resident who would like to take on the job of the Lake Fairways Residents Directory. You would work with Donna Leech during the transition. If you are interested, please give me a call.

Those who are getting ready to go north for the summer months, please remember to arrange for someone to take care of your yard work. When the rainy season gets here, everything grows extremely fast.

Remember to put away all your loose yard items. Last season many items were left outside. These items can be dangerous during storms.

Roger, our veggie man, will still be here every Saturday through the first week in May. We certainly miss him during the summer months. He will return the week before Thanksgiving.


March 2018 

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

March is here, but unfortunately I cannot tell you how the HOA elections went as this letter had to be submitted prior to the Election Day in order to get into this issue. I hope you all took part in the election process and attended the February meeting.

The new officers for the HOA board will be announced following the annual meeting. Please check the Lake Fairways website.

I would like to thank Kevin McCabe and the volunteers who helped him with the elections. The six candidates are the most I remember since I've lived in Lake Fairways. Thanks to all the candidates for stepping forward to work for our community.

We do have a new AED machine located on the wall between the restrooms next to the entrance to the Pro Shop. No formal training is required. The machine will talk you through the steps. We have placed an instructional link of the process that can be shared among our local groups. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions, which you will find on the HOA Page of our Website. The more who are aware, the better.

This is the time of year that the snowbirds need to start preparing for the summer months. Make sure that your property is cleared of anything that could cause problems to others in a storm. Full-time residents also need to think about clearing their property of debris when they are vacation during the hurricane season.

Once again, I am reminding you to have a bright light with you when walking the park during the night time hours. Cell phones are not enough light. I witnessed a couple walking on the perimeter road just last night around 7pm without any light source at all. Very dangerous.

The HOA board is here to assist the residents. Feel free to contact any of the board members with your concerns. 
The next scheduled meeting is March 27th.


February  2018

 Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

    February will be other important month. Please read Kevin McCabe’s article in this Informer regarding the candidates who are running in this election. The HOA elections voting day will be held February 27th in the lounge from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I urge all members to show their support and vote. You are allowed just one vote per household.

     We have finally received information on the capital expenditures for 2018. The items included are the Bocce courts, paving, street signs, and security cameras. We will let you know when the projects will start as soon as the dates are set.

      The additional AED unit has finally been received. We plan to install it on the wall of the pro shop between the restrooms.

     Remember:  our speed limit is 15 mph. A resident’s golf cart was sideswiped by a car while being passed on a curve. The rules and regulations are there for the protection of all the residents. They can be found in the back of the Lake Fairways phone book. Please read them.

     If you have any questions or concerns about Lake Fairways, feel free to contact any board member with concerns you may have concerning Lake Fairways. We meet with management every month to discuss problems that have been brought to our attention.


January  2018

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

       Your Homeowners Board would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Welcome back to all who went north for the holiday. I hope you all had a safe journey.

       As the new year begins, we are waiting to hear what capital expenditure projects have been approved. You will be informed as soon as we receive the information. Check the HOA website for details.

       We are excited that the POS (Point of Sale) system is finally up and running in the Sandtrap. It’s been a long time coming, but the girls are working hard to learn how the system operates.

       Our January homeowner’s meeting is on January 23rd. We will be announcing the candidates for the upcoming election in February. You must be an HOA member to vote in the election.

      If you have any questions or concerns about Lake Fairways, feel free to contact any board member. We meet with management every month to discuss problems that have been brought to our attention.


December 2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


It’s  hard to believe that the holiday season is already here. I can’t wait to see all the decorations throughout the park and clubhouse. Your HOA would like to thank all the clubs and individuals who make this season so special.

 We are looking for candidates who wish to run for the HOA board. There are three positions up for election every year. If you are interested in running, please contact Kevin McCabe for details.

 The HOA board is in the process of purchasing an additional AED machine for Lake Fairways. We plan to  place it in the Pro shop/Sandtrap area. I want to thank Lowell Grant who was gracious enough to do all of the legwork for this project.

 Remember that pets are to be walked on leashes. Also, please clean up after your pet. When walking your pet or walking for enjoyment in the dark, PLEASE carry a bright light. I see many residents using their cell phone for their light. Cell phones are not bright enough, and you are putting yourself at risk of getting hit. 

 Lawn cutting in December is scheduled for the 18th and 19th.

 Please feel free to call any board member if you have concerns about Lake Fairways.



November 2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


We are starting to see the return of some of our summer travelers and snowbirds. Traffic on I75 southbound is getting heavier. For those on your way down, safe travel.

It has been a summer season to remember. First came the heavy, early summer rains followed by the winds of Irma. It will take time to get Lake Fairways back to normal.

Many questions have been raised concerning the lakes and the algae. This occurs every summer. The problem is being treated by Lake Masters. They are regulated by the number of days between treatments and the chemicals they can use.

As the busy season starts, I want to remind all residents that our speed limit is 15 miles per hour. If you are passing a golf cart, you are probably speeding. If you witness someone traveling at excessive speed, get the license number and cul-de-sac number and report it to management at 731-2900. Please be aware of others, and kindly abide by all the park rules.

With all the activities starting up, be sure to check out the calendar on the HOA website for more information.  As a reminder to all clubs and activities, if you want your information on the HOA website, you need to submit your information to: 

We are sorry to say that Kathy Hornback will be stepping down from her editor position with the Informer. She has done a great job for many years and the board would like to thank her. Mary Lou Quevedo has volunteered to take on the position as editor. Kathy and Mary Lou will be working together for the next few months.  Joan Robertson is also stepping down from her position as head of distribution.  The board would also like to thank Joan for the many years she has volunteered. Sue Daly will be taking on that position.

Our next HOA meeting is Nov 28th at 7pm in the clubhouse main hall.   Hope to see you there.

If you have any questions concerning Lake Fairways, feel free to contact any board member.


October 2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


I road around Lake Fairways prior to the evacuation notice for Irma to see the preparations the residents made to safeguard their homes. It was very disappointing. Many of the residents left things in their yards that could easily become projectiles harming their neighbors homes.

We returned to the park Noon Monday and the first person we saw was Tad from the E L S maintenance crew. He had been in the park all morning cutting the trees that were blocking the roadways so residents could return to their homes. A big thank you to all our maintenance crew for their help with the clean up. Would like to thank Joyce and Phil for their dedication, working double shifts at our main gate.  

Tuesday morning management drove through every Cul De Sac to note all visible damage to the homes.

By Thursday most of the homes had electric and water. Unfortunately  there were a few culdesac that had major electrical damage. 

The cleanup process will take a long time. It has been refreshing to see the residents pulling together to get the work started. We have been informed that ELS will remove all fallen trees. 

The important thing is to be patient. The cleanup will not happen overnight, and it will take time to make all of the needed repairs.

If you have questions please feel free to contact any board member.

September 2017  

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


     As I’m writing this newsletter I am sitting by the pool watching the sun rise on Daytona Beach. A new season is about to begin and many will be packing to come back down for another season. 


     The Lake Fairways pool is looking beautiful. Thanks to the Aqua Babes and all of those who have worked together so it can be enjoyed by all. A quick reminder: The four foot line around the pool is a safety regulation of Lee County. No chairs can be placed in front of that line. 


     Some residents have been using the parking area in front of the clubhouse as a used car lot. Those cars are subject to towing. You can advertise your car for sale on the board in the laundry room.


     The dead pine trees in the park have all been removed except for a few on the golf course. If one was missed, please notify a board member. 


     The September HOA meeting will be on the 26th, 7 pm. Please plan to attend. As always, please feel free to contact any board member with your concerns regarding Lake Fairways.

July - August  2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

It's hard to believe that the summer is already here. When the next issue is published, some of the snowbirds will already be returning.

Speeding continues to be a big problem. Our residents can not continue to put the blame on snowbirds and Pine Lakes residents for the problem. The speed limit is 15mph, and it should be followed by all residents before someone is injured.

Recently there have been some residents who have seen suspicious people in the park. If you have real concerns, call the sheriff, do not call the front gate. The people working the gate have no means to assist you other than to call the sheriff, which only delays the response time.

By this writing, many of the dead pine trees have been removed. We will continue to monitor the problem and keep you informed. This will be an ongoing problem as more of the trees continue to die.

Check out the new dining furniture in the lounge screen room. This will be a great help for anyone having a get together in the lounge. We ask that when you are using the dining table, please use a tablecloth.

Please feel free to contact any member of the HOA board with questions concerning Lake Fairways. Their phone numbers are listed in the front pages of the phone book.

May - June  2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


I'm amazed every year at this time how fast the park looses the snowbirds. Safe journey to all who are leaving, and we all look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Continue to check the HOA website throughout the summer to see what is happening in the park.

Many of our residents will be having their grandchildren visiting. I know that the kids love seeing the gators, but you must remember that it is against the law to feed them. If reported  you could be subject to a large fine.

There will not be a general meeting homeowners in the May. The next general meeting will be held September 26th.

The board will continue to meet with management throughout the summer. Feel free to contact any board member with your concerns about Lake Fairways.

March 2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


It's hard to believe that the snowbird season is coming to an end. March still has many  great events for all to look forward to attending.


I would like to give a special thanks to Carl Gregg. He leaves the HOA board after nine years of service. He served as treasurer for six years, and president for two years. He will be missed.


During the summer months some of the projects that will be worked on will be the Cul De Sac repaving and upgrading of the tennis courts. Management is also planning to replace the sea walls on the golf course. We will try to keep everyone informed of the progress.


Before heading north for the summer, please make arrangements for someone to take care of your house and yard. In the summer months everything grows, and Roundup is only good for a few weeks.


Feel Free to contact any board member with concerns you may have with Lake Fairways.


January 2017

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett


Welcome back to all the residents who traveled north for the holidays. I hope you had a wonderful time with your families, and that you left the cold and flu season up there.

Our HOA meeting will be held January 24th. This will be your chance to hear from the candidates running for the open board. Anyone wishing to run for one of the three positions should contact John Stewart.

At our January HOA meeting we will also have a speaker from the 
Alzheimer's Association. She will share with us some of the services that are available in Lee County.

It has been brought to the board's attention that some residents are 
posting golf carts and cars for sale and leaving them with signs attached at various locations throughout the park. This makes our park look like a used car lot
There is a board in the laundry room to post items for sale that has been very successful for the residents.

With the start of the 2017 season, your HOA board will continue to work to make certain the park continues to move forward with improvements. Feel free to contact any board member with your concerns.

December 2016

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is just around the corner. It's time to start getting the decorations out of storage.

We are all looking forward to the cart parade and the decorating of the park and clubhouse and the many holiday activities.  None of this can be accomplished without the help of many volunteers.  Such generosity makes Lake Fairways a wonderful place.  It would be great to see every house with their best decorations.  We spend many nights driving around the park just looking at the lights.

The second Saturday of each month is blood pressure day at coffee.  We are in need of trained volunteers to assist in this project.

It would be helpful if cul-de-sac numbers were clearly visible on every home.  This would assist police, firefighters, or even the pizza delivery drivers.

For all of the residents going north for the holidays, please drive carefully.  We look forward to your safe return.

And as a friendly reminder, please be sure to pay your annual homeowner's dues of $20.  These must be paid by January 31st in order to vote in the February elections.

Your HOA Board

wishes all our residents

A Joyous Holiday Season 



November 2016

Message from the HOA President

Bob Bennett

Fall is here. Believe it or not it was actually 69 degrees outside when I started to write this article.

The upgrade of the Sandtrap is progressing. I was able to watch the workers rip up the old carpet and floor. You could actually see where the old flower beds and trees were located when it was an open courtyard. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Roger the veggie man is getting ready for the new season with fresh vegetables. He will be here the Saturday before Thanksgiving in the clubhouse parking lot. The hours are nine to noon.

 Michelle Sargis from the Lee County Sheriff office will be a guest speaker for  November board meeting. She will be discussing crime prevention. The meeting is at 7:00 Pm on the November 22nd.

 November is the month that we start looking for residents that are interested in running for the Board of Directors. There are three positions that need to be filled. John Stewart is the chairman of the HOA election committee. Please contact John if you are interested in running for the Board. The election will be held in January of 2017. The Board of Directors is a three year commitment.

November is also the start of our HOA membership drive. Applications will be delivered with the Informer. Our red membership deposit box can be found in the copier room. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact any member of the board with any concerns you may have with Lake Fairways.

We hope to see everyone at the November meeting.


October 2016


With October here we are starting to see some familiar faces showing up in the community again.

Welcome back to all.

The first Homeowners meeting of the season is scheduled for October 25th. North Fort Myers Fire Chief David Rice is scheduled to give us a short presentation. We will attempt to have other presentations at our meetings throughout the season.

The exercise room walls have been painted, and the carpet has been replaced with rubberized mats that can be switched out if there are problems in that area.

Signs have been put up in the park to remind residents and visitors that you must be 16 years of age to operate a golf cart.

Speed limit signs have been repainted in the roadway to remind everyone that the limit is 15 miles per hourPlease be respectfulIf you are passing a golf cart, you are probably speeding.

Work is continuing on the Sandtrap. The conduit is now in place fothe electric. The upgrades include electrical, appliances, doors, windows, HVAC, restrooms and more .. The Sandtrap will be closed until the renovations are complete.

Please be aware that alrules and regulations for Lake Fairways’ residents are printed on the final pages of our phone directories. One that is pertinent right now is under "IX. Advertising, Selling and Subletting." Part IV states, "No signage other than a 'For Sale' or 'Open House' signs are permitted anywhere." Thus, no homeowner is allowed to post political signs 
anywhere on a 
lot or a dwelling. Please remove them should you have any.

We want all of our returning neighbors to travewith caution and to arrive safely.

See you at the Homeowners meeting on October 25th at 7:00 pm.

Summer 2016


July / August Letter​

The summer months are coming into full swing, and with it comes the rainy season. Check your surroundings to make certain all objects that can be blown away by a storm are properly secured. Your palm trees should be trimmed. Additionally, hanging palm fronds can cause damage in the high winds, so have them pruned.

The Board would like to thank Karen Pratt, who has volunteered to be our coordinator for Saturday coffee. We would also like to thank all the residents who have stepped up to help her.

We are still looking for someone to oversee our copy machine. If you are interested, please contact any Board member.

The two major projects expected to be worked on in July are the Sandtrap upgrades and cul-de-sac paving. Check the Lake Fairways website (www.lakefairwayshoa.com) for updates on the progress.

We have seen some nice upgrades in May and June: the shrubs along the perimeter road have been filled in with new plants; work has been started on the bridges on the golf course; the leak in the laundry room has been fixed and the room has been painted; and finally, the floor of the workout room is scheduled to be replaced this summer.

We have noticed many vehicles parking on the lawns. Please do not park in the grassy areas. Water lines have been broken due to this problem.

Speeding continues to be a big problem . It's not always the snowbirds who speed, so remember to watch your speed and inform visitors and guests that our speed limit is 15 mph.

Your Board will continue to meet with management throughout the summer months. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Board member.

Have a safe summer. Stay cool and drink plenty of water.





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